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anyone on humira?

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pinocchiosnose Fri 04-Mar-16 20:01:26

After being on methotrexate for a year I am now on sulfasalazine for psoriatic arthritis . My rheumatologist said that she thinks I should be on something like humira but I first have to satisfy the criteria and essentially fail 2 dmards. The sulfasalazine hadn't helped much so I think biologics are the next step.

I have completely terrified myself after reading about the side effects and reviews online . Does anyone take this ? Has it worked well for you?

Blueberry234 Fri 04-Mar-16 20:03:24

I am starting for AS after I have shoulder surgery at the end of the month. Sulfasalazine made me vomit

AndNowItsSeven Fri 04-Mar-16 20:06:51

I am in humira for psoriatic arthritis it works well especially for the psoriasis. The only side affect I have is one late period and hair loss on the side of my legs.

pinocchiosnose Fri 04-Mar-16 20:08:05

Good luck ! That's rubbish . It just hasn't made any difference to my pain at all but no side effects here. Hope all goes well with surgery thanks

pinocchiosnose Fri 04-Mar-16 20:11:08

How long have you been on it ? That's great that it's working. I should just stop googling and go with whatever is most likely to help the pain.

AndNowItsSeven Fri 04-Mar-16 20:30:54

Six months I would say it helps more with Psoriasis - it has totally gone than the arthritis as I still have pain. I have fibro as well though so the pain could be that.
I waited ten years before they put me on biologics.

AndNowItsSeven Fri 04-Mar-16 20:31:27

Actually 11 years.

festivehopeandfrolicks Fri 04-Mar-16 22:01:01

I've been on it nearly two years for psa.About to switch to enbrel because it's stopped working but it was brilliant.Zero side effects. Current rheumatologist thinks old rheumatologist reduced other meds (methotrexate and sulfasalazine) too quick and allowed humira anti bodies to sneak in.

Seriously don't worry it's an amazing drug I just wish it still worked for me

Sparkyduchess Fri 04-Mar-16 22:20:24

3 years for me, for Crohn's disease and RA. I had 10 years of sulfasalazine, azathioprine, masses of steroids before starting humira.

I'd say it's dealt with about 75% of my Crohn's symptoms but hadn't touched the RA - I'm told that occasionally in patients with multiple autoimmune diseases only one is really helped which is a bit disappointing but I'm still miles better than I was 3 years ago.

Side effects - I feel grotty about 24 hours after I inject, it lasts about 12 -18 hours. Weepy and down rather than ill. I did lose hair after the loading doses but it grew back and hasn't been a problem again. I do have to be careful around anyone coughing - if I get a cough it tends to progress to pneumonia. I'm really obsessive about hand washing and hygiene generally and it's meant to be hat I haven't picked up bugs the way I did on azathioprine.

Overall I think it's well worth it. I have an almost normal life again, I can travel with work, I still get very tired but that's just the way it is.

Good luck!

Marshy Sat 05-Mar-16 00:20:15

I've been on it for several years for psoriasis arthritis. It's been life changing for me. Clear skin, virtually no pain, occasionally a headache the day after injecting and I've been fit and well. Go for it and stop googling!

pinocchiosnose Sat 05-Mar-16 11:08:35

Thank you all for your replies . No more googling , I'll go with what the doctor advises . You've all made me feel a bit better about it all so thank you thanks

gobbin Sat 05-Mar-16 20:00:59

Been on it 3 months so far for Crohns. Has revolutionised my bowels 😀
Didn't start working until month 2. Had quite a few side effects after the 2nd loading dose (adrenaline rsponse - fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, feelings of doom) which passed by the next dose and I still get a bit of a dry cough. DH would probably say I'm a little grumpier than usual a few days after I've jabbed but I don't notice.

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