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dragging unilateral low abdominal pain around ovulation - anyone with any experience?

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magnificatAnimaMea Thu 03-Mar-16 20:26:08

After years spent happily on the pill, I've been having a shocker since coming off it to TTC halfway through last year: two miscarriages, a molar pregnancy and two fairly hideous periods.

At each ovulation I've had quite bad mittelschmerz - think doubled over in pain for a few hours. But this time it's into its 4th day of on and off pain. It also feels kind of wierdly full - right side, lower abdomen, close to midline so more ovary position than appendix, and the pain isn't colicky, it's more dragging and heavy, feeling sharp in some positions.

When I was a teenager, before I went on the pill, I used to get the same pain. Doctors did ultrasounds, did a laparoscopy for suspected endometriosis, found nothing obvious, concluded that I was a malingerer and "it was probably a pulled muscle".

Anyone got any ideas? I imagine a GP appointment is in order if it doesn't go away soon...

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