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Cats and asthma

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Buriedalive Thu 03-Mar-16 20:06:31

I've had my cat for only 4 months but in that time I've had problems with my asthma twice. I was using a purple inhaler everyday as told (sorry i don't know all the different names!) but I began to rely on my blue was too much. On a bad day I could use it up to about 10 times. The nurse couldn't understand why they wasn't working, and prescribed me a brown one, which worked for a few weeks but now I'm back to square one. I do have a cat but surly if I was allergic to him I'd be like this constantly?

stayathomegardener Thu 03-Mar-16 20:23:56

Does you cat sleep on your bed?
I can tolerate cats pretty well now and havn't had Asthma for years but if I sleep on a pillow that the cat has been on I get an Asthma cough.

Kummerspeck Thu 03-Mar-16 20:26:50

We had to rehome our cats as my asthma got too bad

I can't understand what they are doing with your inhalers as, usually, the brown is for less severe asthma than the purple

amarmai Thu 03-Mar-16 23:06:38

Yes to cat sleeping on the pillow sent me to Hospital. It was my dd's cat and when my gs became allergic, i became the new owner-then i became allergic.

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