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Elevated CA125 blood test results

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TheGirlWhoWrites Thu 03-Mar-16 14:51:47

Hey, hope you guys can help. I went to GP after waking in night with lower ab pains but no other symptoms other than fatigue... but I'm a working mum of a toddler so that's not a surprised! Was referred for a CA125 test and transport vaginal ultrasound. Small fibroid found in ultrasound with no cause for concern. But just had call to say my CA125 level is 65+ so going to GP tomorrow. Am now slightly terrified. Experiences of elevated levels welcome! Good and bad, don't want to shy away from realities of this.

PollyPerky Thu 03-Mar-16 15:11:18

what is the 'safe' level? How do you know 65+ is an issue? what feedback have you had so far?
LOL at the 'transport' btw!

I'd wait until you see the GP. If you had ovarian cancer it would have shown on the scan. I've had loads of scans for an ovarian cyst that eventually went away and also the CA125 test. My consultant did say if the blood test was high it would be 'interesting' (!) because there are so many false positives and reasons why it can be high- things like endometriosis etc.

It is a VERY unreliable blood test and I am sure that when there is a high reading it's never an issue except when there is clear evidence of late stage OC. Which you don't have.

keep calm.

TheGirlWhoWrites Thu 03-Mar-16 15:25:14

A 'transport' vaginal ultrasound is an ultrasound performed while on public transport, didn't ya know? ;-)

I know above 35 is seen as elevated. I know it can get into the 100s and 10000s so not really elevated in comparison. Fingers crossed all OK.

Musicaltheatremum Thu 03-Mar-16 15:48:45

It is a rubbish a screeing test. It should realy only be used to monitor not diagnose. I would notworry

Chilver Thu 03-Mar-16 16:09:38

Hi, i have had ovarian cancer (stage 3c by time it was diagnosed) and agree that one high reading of the CA125 is not a diganostic tool in itself. Even now, two years past treatment (all clear!), if my CA12 went up it would only raise an alarm if there was a rising trend, not just one reading. The readings can be raised due to endometriosis, other non related infections etc

That being said, ovarian cancer is VERY hard to detect and diagnose and is usually only diagnosed in late stages. So 'clear evidence' is not always easy to get. Even after I was diagnosed, it took a month of tests (biopsies, MRI's, CT scans etc) before I was staged and given a treatment plan as they just didn't know how extensive it was. So my advice to you is to see the GP and don't be dismissed if you have concerns - push to get real answers if you need them.

Some of the typical symptoms are (but not exclusive):

B = Bloating, persistent unexplained

E = Eating, feeling full quickly, loss of appetite

A = Abdominal pain, changes in periods, unexplained bleeding

T = Talking. Speak to your Dr, Know your own body and its changes and let someone know

I only had abdominal pain which was treated for 18 months as pregnancy symptoms (obv for only 9 of the months!!) and severe constipation (and I mean severe, blue lighted to hospital at least 3 times) before a doctor decided to look a little further!! So, don't dismiss symptoms, but equally don't freak out - early diagnosis for ovarian cancer has excellent statistics. Even me who was only diagnosed at stage 3c is now cancer free smile

So, my advice is to review the above symptoms, go prepared to discuss anything thats different about your body with your GP and push for a deeper scan if needed.

Good luck and try not to worry.

UnGoogleable Thu 03-Mar-16 23:06:11

I had raised CA125 when I had an Ovarian cyst. It was over 800.

I was put on the ovarian cancer pathway (had CT scan, and fast tracked for surgery) but was told throughout not to worry too much as OC is v rare in pre-menopausal women.

It turned out to be endometriosis, which can cause raised CA125.

Good luck with your GP, hopefully they'll just monitor your bloods and send you for another scan to reassure you.

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