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Asthma....Montelukast not working,what next?

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insan1tyscartching Wed 02-Mar-16 19:11:52

Adult ds has had asthma for the last couple of years it is largely not well controlled despite regularly using inhalers as prescribed and having added Montelukast.
He averages a chest infection every month which generally takes two courses of antibiotics to clear and then a course of prednisolone to sort out the asthma.
The prednisolone works well but the effects are short lived and within the week the asthma is back and his levels are down to the late 200's again (blows 550 to 600 when well).
He sees the respiratory consultant every six weeks and at the last appointment on Monday he prescribed a six week course of prednisolone to take alongside the Montelukast and inhalers.
Today he's struggling again most likely because of the cold weather in spite of all the medication.
He's not going to be taking the steroids long term (or can he?) so what is likely to happen next? It is really impacting on his life because he is so frequently unwell or even if not unwell he hasn't enough breath to be anything but sedate.

Badders123 Wed 02-Mar-16 20:17:12

My son (younger than yours) tried montelukast. Same story as your son. Pointless.
Winters were tough sad
His amazing paed then put him on a profilactic dose of azithromycin (7.5 ml PER WEEK) which changed his life.
Winters were no longer feared.
He made it through a whole school term for the first time in year 2
He took it for 3 winters
He no longer needs it

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