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Cyst- need advice

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PoppitFox Wed 02-Mar-16 11:05:00

okay long story please bare with me-

I had a scan a couple of weeks ago which shows a big cyst on my right ovary. (was referred due to pain etc)

I had an app booked in for next monday to discuss the results but ended up going to the GP yesterday for an appointment because the pain got so bad i was feeling sick dizzy etc! I have a few other symptoms as well so she prescribes strong pain killers, an anti sickness and what is basically buscopan?! In case its bowel cramps, but then also mentioned it could be that the cyst is twisting my ovary. < I've only just remembered that she said this but now its making me worry because surely if its twisting my ovary that can't be good for it?

She also sent me to have blood tests done.

I just feel a but confused and because LO was with me I forgot to ask what the plan was about the cyst anyway!

but now im worrying about what she said about it twisitng my ovary- what would you all do would you ring and ask or just wait until monday?

Marshy Wed 02-Mar-16 18:51:44

Are you still in pain? I would have thought that a twisted ovary would hurt a lot!

I'd probably wait until the planned appt on Monday to discuss what happens next, unless the pain gets worse and you need to seek help again.

PoppitFox Wed 02-Mar-16 19:11:28

Yes it's still painful. I took the pain meds they didn't help much. I need to ring Friday about bloods so I'll see what they say then! Xx

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