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Limping on and thread for those suffering with Plantar Fasciitis.

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shamonts Wed 02-Mar-16 09:38:25

Thought I would start this thread to try and collate all the exercises, shoes and treatments that might work to alleviate 'this bastarding condition' as StuffandBother so eloquently put it.

I've had PF in my left foot for around 15 months now and tried many, many ways to get rid of it. The best things I have found to alleviate the pain are my trusty Birkenstocks and the strong painkiller Naproxen which was prescribed by the nurse at my GP's practice. I had a serious knee operation around 5 years ago which I think may have contributed to the development of my PF.

So, following on from CupcakesRule advice on the earlier thread, this morning I decided to try and write the alphabet with my foot before I got up. Freaked dh out a bit who wanted to know what on earth I was doing grin
By the letter 'M' I had quite painful cramping in my big toe and down the right side of my foot so took a quick break then managed to get to the end of the alphabet. I was surprised that it was so tough and quite painful! Waited in bed for a few minutes (I always dread that first moment of getting out of bed) then got up, immediately putting my feet into my Birkenstocks as I always do (I have three pairs all over the house!). Amazing result: NO PAIN shock. I felt a very slight tightness, but the pain was completely gone. It stayed gone for a good hour. Then I had to put my wellies on and go and muck out my horses. Still no serious pain - slight tightness but the only pain came when I took off my wellies after about 45 minutes, as I pulled them off I felt a deep pulling pain in my achilles.

Changed into my Saucony Glide trainers and drove to work. The first sign of pain was when I got out of the car. The limp was definitely back as I walked to my office.

I am about to take off trainers and massage my foot with my blue spiky massage ball (I have a private office grin).

Will report back!

CupcakesRule Wed 02-Mar-16 09:47:18

I wish the alphabet had that effect on me but good to hear it works for you.

I think I need to wear shoes/Birkenstocks around the house more. I hate it though so I often avoid but then pay for it later.


shamonts Wed 02-Mar-16 09:50:15

I am actually too frightened to walk barefoot now sad it feels horrible when I do. I had a lovely dream last week that I was walking barefoot on hot sand - mmmmm.

Apparently FitFlops are also very good to wear around the house. I have a pair of FitFlop boots which are super comfortable if very ugly

wheelofapps Wed 02-Mar-16 09:56:46

marking place

CupcakesRule Wed 02-Mar-16 13:37:11

I've been tempted to get some fitflops as slippers but it's too old at the moment so need to wear socks.

WaterWorld Wed 02-Mar-16 13:49:08

I remember the crying hopelessness I felt each morning (and on shoe shopping trips) when I twice suffered this condition once on one foot then later in both for over a year the second time. I had a special crab step for going up and down the stairs. Felt so old. You have my sympathies. It can improve though so there is hope. For me a night splint, oh so attractive, and the morning alphabet wiggle helped. Also when I found a comfy supportive pair of trainers I wore them most of the time for months. (I also lost weight as I have had a very high bmi, I appreciate this might not apply to others though). Suddenly I realised it had gone. Anyhow no PF for the last year..

shamonts Wed 02-Mar-16 13:58:56

I do need to lose weight. Only just in the overweight category though so not hugely so. I am so glad the 'alphabet wiggle' helped you!

StuffandBother Wed 02-Mar-16 22:47:47

I am marking my place to remind me to post tomorrow when I'm not so tired wink

shamonts Sat 05-Mar-16 19:57:03

Haven't worn my wellies today and foot much better. I have a pair of Clarks desert boots wedge heels which I've worn all day and they are very very comfortable.

StuffandBother Sat 05-Mar-16 20:11:22

Hey smile I've had it before me it's gone spontaneously, this has been really bad since September - it's awful! I've had my foot strapped by a very expensive food dude, the spiky ball, exercises - I've been referred for physio now, I'll report back. I wear Clarks 'funny dreams' (with heel lifts if fancy foot dude has her way! But I hate them) and I'm constantly on the hunt for shoes that don't make me cry after an hour! Fit flops are good, I have some fuck ugly show versions, I also have some BOBs slippers which are comfy - it's effing expensive isn't it!!

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