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anyone with gallstones/gallbladder issues. Can you tell me your symptoms please?

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Gatekeeper Tue 01-Mar-16 10:44:20

I have a gallstone- confirmed by ultrasound. It is a small one only about 5mm and GP tells me that I shouldn't have any symptoms of it. I do though and they seem to be getting a bit worse as time goes by

I can feel it; it is like a dull ache on ribs under my right breast and it feels like something is pressing in me. I cannot stand anything tight on my ribcage and the relief when i take my bra off at night is immense. I also have periods of nausea and suffer awful heartburn/reflux every day which GP says has nothing to do with gallbladder

I have also had two episodes of the most awful sickening pain which went from right shoulder blade to round the front under my ribs. I was vomiting and pouring with sweat but luckily (!!) it only last for about ten to fifteen minutes or so


spub Wed 02-Mar-16 09:52:57

Sorry you are suffering.
It's horrible. I had my gallbladder removed a month ago and I feel sooo much better.
My ultrasound only showed one stone albeit it was blocking my bile duct. My operation found many, many more.
The nausea and sweating usually occur when you are in spasm and trying to pass a stone. The pain into your shoulder is classic.
Can you see a different GP? Or next time you are in the midst of an attack get up to out of hours service?
Not to scare you- I was mostly asymptomatic for 5 years but got quite poorly quite fast. If you start to pee a bright but dark orange and/or your stools get pale, get treated ASAP. It can be the start of pancreatitis.
Hope you get it sorted and feel better soon. It's soooo painful thanks

Gatekeeper Thu 03-Mar-16 08:50:06

I've been checking my wee and poo for a bit now (interesting hobby) but is a normal healthy colour. I lie in a one horse town with a very small practice and the only decent GP has left but I will try again if things don't improve

Thanks for your reply by the way

FarrowandBallAche Thu 03-Mar-16 12:28:24

Similar to you I had a single 5mm stone detected after terrible burning pain.

Had gallbladder out privately two months later as the pain was awful. Never sharp but a dull, gnawing pain. On removal consultant remarked it was very inflamed.

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