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Do you have lymph nodes in the back of your neck?

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BosomySusan Sat 27-Feb-16 19:00:10

I have a lump on the back of my neck, wondering what on earth it could be. It's under the skin, not painful but quite hard. If it was at the front I'd assume it was a swollen gland, but have never known anything to come up in this position before.

PurpleDaisies Sat 27-Feb-16 19:06:33

You do have lymph nodes in the back of your neck. Any lump that sipped up out of nowhere should be checked by a doctor though, so head to your GP to have it looked at.

PurpleDaisies Sat 27-Feb-16 19:06:53

Sipped up?! Popped up is what I meant.

Mrsmorton Sat 27-Feb-16 19:07:46

You have lymph nodes pretty much everywhere. They each "drain" part of your anatomy. Precisely what purple said; get it checked out.

BosomySusan Sat 27-Feb-16 20:51:46

<sigh> I seem to be spending my life at the bloody gp's at the moment.
It just seems such a random place for a lump! Thanks, I will get it checked out.

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