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How do I know if I'm into menopause?

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 25-Feb-16 21:40:37

I'm sure I read somewhere than if you're under 50yo you have to be 2 years free of periods, over 50yo it's one year free of periods.

I'm 50 this year and mine went from regular/heavy to ........nought.
I haven't had a period now for two whole years except a miniscule wipe of dark red blood about 16 months ago (literally a 'wipe' )

So, is this it?
Am I now contraceptive free and safe from pregnancy?

Last blood test I had (in 2014) showed my hormone level was 1% away from Perimenopause , must've changed by now.

I had the symptoms- hot flushes, exhaustion in waves, (not any more evil tempered than usual I think)

Is this it? <<crosses fingers>>

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