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Anyone had any luck getting travel insurance for an undiagnosed condition?

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stargirl04 Wed 24-Feb-16 14:13:03


I have abnormal tissue on my lung which is so far undiagnosed.

It's not cancer or TB, as I've had a lung biopsy and lots of tests and both conditions have been ruled out. However, no alternative diagnosis has been achieved. I've been discharged by oncology, and sent away by the TB clinic too, with a follow up appointment in six months.

However, I suffered a punctured lung after the biopsy, now resolved. The doctor said I was fit to fly after 6 weeks.

I have a flight to Iceland that was booked before my health issue arose, departing on March 16. However, I can't get travel insurance!

Three different insurers told me they wouldn't cover me as the abnormal lung tissue has not been diagnosed, even though it is not causing me any symptoms. I am a bit breathless - I have chronic asthma - after my collapsed lung but the TB doctor said it was normal for lungs to take time to heal.

The insurers told me that my abnormal tissue is classed as an undiagnosed condition even though it's not causing any symptoms.

I've written to my original doctor, the oncologist who ordered the biopsy to investigate cancer, asking him what happens now as I would like a diagnosis.He said that if I hadn't heard from him in a couple of weeks to get back to him. But it seems I may never get a diagnosis. I don't want to keep bothering the doctor as I think he thinks I'm a nuisance!

I have just accepted that I will have to cancel my holiday on this occasion but just wondered if anyone out there could offer any hope in terms of insurers who can help? Thanks for reading.

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