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Paracetamol/ Vodka OD friend - any experience?

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madwomanbackintheattic Tue 23-Feb-16 14:41:41

Friend took another OD yesterday - alcoholic, been out of rehab for a week. Found her after about 2 hours we think (empty large pot of paracetamol 500s, some sort of travel meds, 750ml Smirnoff and a bottle of red). Rousable when I found her but her dp said she was too out of it to know he was there for hours after he got to the hosp. He said they think she is going to be ok - I consulted Dr Google and it seems that with paracetamol it takes a good couple of days to know about any possible liver damage etc.

Does anyone have any experience of what is likely to happen over the next couple of days? I'm assuming she will be in the hospital until her system is clear from the drugs, but what is likely to happen on the psych front? The last couple of times I don't think she had taken as much, and they just let her out after a couple of days (and she elected to go to residential rehab for 3 mos which everyone hoped would help). She's only been out a week and is clearly not coping/ can't be left alone.

Am v worried for her dd. Stepdad is literally clinging on to the relationship for the dd's sake and I don't know how much more he can take. Mum is actively abusive to both of them when she has been drinking, and she can't stop. This rehab was supposed to be what kept them together. Dd is 16.

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