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Metformin and constant bleeding

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Bomber1313 Mon 22-Feb-16 16:34:53

Ok hubster and I started TTC after we got married in 2014 (I'm 41 now he's 30). No joy but I missed two periods Feb and March last year (sadly not pg) but then I started bleeding last April and haven't stopped since! Seriously - ten months non stop bleeding. I've had ultrasounds and a biopsy done as it showed I had a thickened womb lining but was still bleeding. Specialist said it was PCOS and put me on metformin. Took me a cpl months to work up to full dosage (750mg twice daily). Gp had to put me on modified release as ordinary ones made my IBS so bad I was in the loo every 30 mins! Anyway that's the background; been on full dose for three weeks now, the last two weeks I've had bad instances of flooding where I'm soaking through a super tampon in an hour or less - at first it only seemed to happen once a day but the last two days it's been pretty much constantly 1-2 hours for 12+ hours. Gp suggested going back on mini pill (cerazette) as I'd been on that before and had no periods at all, so as baby making isn't happening at the moment anyway she thought that might help. I've been on mini pill for a week now and it seems that taking this and metformin at same time are causing the bleeding to be worse. Last few days it's been heavy and full of very dark clots. Obv I'm going to speak to gp but has anyone else had this on metformin?

Camelot71 Sun 03-Jul-16 14:22:43

I'm having same problems with constant bleeding whilst on Metformin SR. I was diagnosed with
Diabetes type 2 in November 2014 and prior to this was taking the minipill Cerazete...with great results - no periods at all, it was great. However since my diagnosis I was noticing brownish spotting which eventually became red and heavy until finally went to doctors to sort out. He changed my minipill to Noriday in May 2016. I used this for a month and in that time experienced many premenstrual symptoms and xtremeky heavy periods lasting around 7 days which resulted inme coming off it!
Cna anyone help me as to which contraception I can use to stop the heavy bleeding....I don't mind having periods as long as I know when it's due so I don't have an accident whilst I'm out and about 😣

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