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erythema nodosum and possible sarcoidosis

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Mumsfret Sun 21-Feb-16 10:11:32

After a really busy stressful phase (8 months of extensive building works and home renovation) I started to feel really tired and run down. I thought must anaemic (I'm prone) but blood tests showed normal h/g and ferritin levels. Then I developed flulike symptoms, joint pain and came out in massive welts on my shins which are apparently called erythema nodosum. Now being investigated for sarcoidosis because of reporting a tight feeling and dull ache in my chest. X-ray done last Monday and bloods taken on Wednesday, but no results back yet. I'm really worried about what this all means as I have a really busy life with three young children and have recently started a doctoral level course. I have no energy or motivation and am in terrible pain all over.

Anyone have any experience or words of reassurance?

Mumsfret Sun 21-Feb-16 12:59:34

Hopeful bump

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