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Erythromycin giving me stomach pain

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ktmummy1 Sat 20-Feb-16 06:53:22

I've been prescribed this antibiotic as I'm allergic to penicillin. The problem is, it's given me horrendous stomach ache. I was awake most of the night. I missed my night dose as I couldn't bear it and am dreading taking anymore. Not sure what to do. The antibiotics were for cellulitis on my arm following a flu jab. I have only taken two days worth so far out of five.
Any advice?

dun1urkin Sat 20-Feb-16 07:40:05

I have been given this because of my allergy to penicillin.

I'd go back to the Dr - I'm afraid my reaction was worse than stomach ache (vomiting) and the Dr decided I might have had enough antibiotics and to keep a daily eye on my infection (also skin based, so easy to monitor)
Crucially, he also said not to worry, there were other antibiotics to take if I needed to.
TL;DR Go back to Dr

FrancineDucks Sat 20-Feb-16 07:42:37

Oh go back to the doctor's. Erythromycin is horrible. Gives me awful indigestion and other more severe side effects. There are lots of alternatives (I'm allergic to penicillin too).

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Sat 20-Feb-16 07:58:17

Are you taking it with food?

Ive taken it daily for years and I get stomach cramps if I have it on an empty stomach.

Cliffdiver Sat 20-Feb-16 08:07:41

I had this, it was horrific.

I ended up having a panic attack as I could not hold Newborn DD2 to breastfeed her due to the pain confusedblush

You need to take them with food and drink an entire glass of water with them.

Also take Gaviscon (sp?) (but not at the same time, an hour or so before).

Hope you feel better soon thanks

ktmummy1 Sat 20-Feb-16 08:23:51

I can't bear to take anymore. I'm going to phone our local pharmacy for further advice. X

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