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Sore throat despite antibiotics

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Amy214 Fri 19-Feb-16 21:25:08

About 3 weeks ago i woke up with terrible body aches and a very sore throat, i could barely swallow and it hurt to breathe. After 5 days of painkillers i finally went to the doctors and was diagnosed with tonsolitis despite their being no pus, i have inflamed tonsils but they have always been like this and i have a hospital appointment on the 22nd of march to possibly discuss getting them removed, my throat is still very painful and still hurts to swallow and at night when i breathe in i get a coughing fit but i dont cough at all through the day only when ive woken up and its phlegm afterwards its fine, other than a sore throat i have no other symptoms, the body aches went away after a day should i make another appointment to see a doctor?

ArabellaRockerfella Fri 19-Feb-16 22:31:10

I've had similar to you for nearly 2 weeks. The GP mentioned acid reflux but I didn't think this was the case as I hadn't been burping/hiccuping etc or had any feeling of acid coming up. After another week of feeling bad, dry constant cough, pain in the chest, sore throat etc I decided to buy a bottle of Gaviscon and see if it helps. I have been swigging it for a few days after meals and at night before bed and have to say the might time coughing fits have gone and my throat feels less raw! Maybe it was reflux? Might be worth a try, there's no harm it trying it before you go back to see the GP.

Amy214 Fri 19-Feb-16 23:50:47

I have been prescribed peptac i did suffer from heartburn for a while, ill try taking it tonight before bed and see if that helps

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