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PoppitFox Fri 19-Feb-16 16:47:27


Just been for a scan and I have a big cyst on my ovary. Really freaking out. Anyone else have on and can offer some support? Xx

holeinmyheart Fri 19-Feb-16 19:20:34

There has been a thread in MNet before and I posted on it. I had a huge cyst on my right ovary, I was successfully operated on and went on to have lots of DCs.
The cyst was removed( as large as a mango allegedly ) and I am fine. Just factor in a good few months to recover. It took me six months.
Be careful not to get constipated. So after your op, drink plenty of water and eat prunes.
Best of luck..... Don't worry you will be fine. Xx

PoppitFox Fri 19-Feb-16 20:01:07

Oh I don't think mine is that big it's 6.5 by 7 but it's looking like they'll go ahead and remove it. I'm so worried that they'll end up taking my ovary!! I know I shouldn't be scared but I am. I have a lo who is 18 months so a bit worried about having to have an op.

Did you have to stay overnight? Xx

holeinmyheart Sat 20-Feb-16 18:40:20

I had to stay overnight and I had a transfusion of blood and saline. You will probably have keyhole surgery. I didn't and I have a neat abdominal scar. I had my appendix out at the same time.

However I had mine removed years ago and surgery techniques have moved on.

Google, ' Ovarian Cyst Surgery ' and you will find every detail.

Of course you are frightened but you do have two ovaries. I think you can can function with one healthy one.

The surgeon will tell you exactly what he is going to do.
You will be fine.
Have you got someone to look after the baby and support you?

PoppitFox Sat 20-Feb-16 20:05:47

Oh gosh what an ordeal for you!

From my googling I'm thinking it will be day case and keyhole if everything goes to plan!!

One ovary is perfectly fine to live with I know but it's just that feeling!!

I have my oh to look after the baby and if I had to stay over night I would get my mil to stay over here with him (would ask my mum but my oh wouldn't be comfortable with her being here) or I may send lo to my mums for the night!!

I've never left him overnight so not sure How he would react so wouldn't want to leave my oh on his own to deal with it! Xx

holeinmyheart Sat 20-Feb-16 22:01:05

Well you must look after yourself and take it easy, after any operation. If your MIL could stay with you and the baby, then that would be good. You will just have to let her get on with it while you rest.

Babies are really quite tough and will survive without you. It will also do your OH good to look after the baby.

What your MIL and OH will do is look after the baby in their own way. Your MIL brought your OH to adulthood so she should be fine. I would love to look after my GCs. I love babies.

The important thing is for you to try and relax. Don't go bungee jumping and running marathons before you are completely recovered.

I was in absolute agony beforehand and had an emergency op. But my appendix was in a dangerous state as well. Are you in much pain? I was vomiting.

When is your operation scheduled for? You will absolutely fine I am sure.

PoppitFox Sun 21-Feb-16 09:54:24

I will do.

I think my mil would be more than happy to stay. She works in the day but her partner is away during the week so she will be happy to stay

My mum has my younger sisters to look after so she couldn't stay.

My partner is also a between jobs atm so he's been looking after lo while I've been working full time for the past few weeks.

I just don't like the thought of lo being sad and me not being here!

I'm in loads of pain that's what prompted my going to the docs. It'll be no time soon as I have to wait 3 weeks to see the GP then I need a referral to gynae then I'll be waiting again.

holeinmyheart Sun 21-Feb-16 11:07:59

I was in absolute agony. It would begin in the ovary area and creep up to under my ribs. Initially it would happen now and again, I was young, at Uni, I had never been ill before. When the pain began I just got a hot water bottle, curled up, went to bed, and waited for the pain to stop. I had been brought up not to make a fuss.

I was vomiting as well. How crazy was I not to tell anyone. Eventually the intervals between having the pain, and not having the pain got shorter. One day I was whitefaced, rolling around in agony and said to my flat mate, I am going to bed. She insisted on calling an ambulance and really she saved my life. She reminds me of that fact now!

My appendix was about to rupture etc. When I got to hospital( we are talking 52 years ago) , the doctor wanted to examine me and I said' please leave me alone( it was an internal examination) He was quite brutal with me and said ' don't be stupid, on your back now !

He examined me, and apparently it must have been difficult to diagnose as he asked me if I could have been pregnant. I remember being most indignant as I was a Virgin at 19. ( those were the days)

Anyway, thanks to St Georges Hospital, London I am still alive. Around 50 years previously I might have died an agonising death at 19 with a ruptured appendix and a huge cyst.
Thank god for the NHS. I feel it is very precious.

Think how Surgery techniques have moved on. You will be fine. There will be very little scarring. Keyhole surgery is so less invasive than what I had.
Thinking of you, take care.

Oh, and go to A&E if the pain gets too much.
No Doctor minds a real emergency.

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