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Thoughts on these thyroid blood results please?

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OhIAcheAllOver Mon 15-Feb-16 18:42:57

Hello, just wondering if I could have some thoughts on the following results please?

TSH 0.04 (0.34 - 5.6)

Free T4 18.80 (7.5 - 21.1)

These are my mums results, she is hypothyroid and has been taking 200mg Levothyroxine daily and has done for about 5 years.

Thank you

frogfree Tue 16-Feb-16 11:44:18

How does she feel? The Tsh is quite surpressed. But an endo said that was ok if you feel ok. I'd expect a higher t4 with that but a missed dose the day or week before could affect it.

Pleasemrstweedie Tue 16-Feb-16 18:11:57

Looking pretty good. Low TSH is not an issue and FT4 is good.

His does she feel? That us the real question.

OhIAcheAllOver Tue 16-Feb-16 18:29:37

Thanks for your thoughts. She's feeling a bit unwell and has had dreadful palpitations over the last week or two. She's also had trembly hands.

She had an ECG at the Drs whilst she was experiencing the palps but the ECG was fine oddly.

She was quite worried so saw a cardiology professor privately who said that her bloods suggested over medication. He started 2.5 bisopralol and suggested cutting the Levo down to 150 as well as switch to decaf tea. She's been doing the above for 4 days and is feeling a bit better

Clarella Tue 16-Feb-16 18:45:13

I'd keep and eye on it as that's a big drop and thyroid symptoms can take a while to manifest. She might find she needs to go back up a tad. But give it a chance to balance out.

They can be a bit funny about too much thyroxine in older people.

Clarella Tue 16-Feb-16 18:48:09

If she does need to adjust doses remember that it could be 175/200 alternate days or 150/175 alternate days for example. I take 125 x4 dats a week and 150 x3. Very stable Tsh of 0.4.

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