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What is this rash?

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5minutestobed Sun 14-Feb-16 19:53:39

DH has had a rash on his leg for about a week. He says it's really itchy and tender if touched. Any ideas?

dementedpixie Sun 14-Feb-16 20:07:26


StylishDuck Sun 14-Feb-16 20:07:59


Gileswithachainsaw Sun 14-Feb-16 20:08:54


can you give an idea of size?

spacepoodle Sun 14-Feb-16 20:09:45

Looks like ringworm to me. He needs to get it treated immediately, if it is ringworm it's very contagious.

5minutestobed Sun 14-Feb-16 20:39:36

Its about the size of a 10p. There's only one spot. I don't think its shingles I had that before and it was lots of little blisters! Can he get something from the chemist for ringworm?

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 14-Feb-16 20:42:07

daktarin- it's available OTC

Heatherjayne1972 Sun 14-Feb-16 21:18:54

I think a little trip to the doctors would be a good idea!!

Wolfiefan Sun 14-Feb-16 21:19:43

Ringworm. Horribly contagious.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 14-Feb-16 21:21:17

I think ringworm too. Any athletes foot cream will sort it (athletes foot is ringworm...)

5minutestobed Sun 14-Feb-16 21:29:21

Oh I've got some of that already will get him to try it thanks!

Donge13 Sun 14-Feb-16 21:40:22

Definitely ringworm

Princessdebthe1st Sun 14-Feb-16 21:50:47

While most likely ringworm it might also be worthwhile checking that there isn't a second smaller ring inside the more visible one (difficult to see due to hair) as there is a very small chance it could be the rash you can get with Lyme disease. Has he been walking in long grass in the past week? Lyme disease is very treatable if caught early but serious if left. It seems however, regardless of cause a trip to the GP is in order.

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