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Any ENT experts out there - ear infection problem (me not DC)

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FrancineDucks Sun 14-Feb-16 19:49:19

Apologies - a bit long and boring sad

So I had a cold before Christmas which developed into sinusitis which I had a course of doxycycline (I think) for - beginning of Jan.

2 weeks later I developed an outer ear infection. I was given an antibiotic ear spray for that (can't remember what it was called.

After 4 days it was having no effect so I went back to the doctor and was given erythromycin (am allergic to penicillin) - as she felt I now had an inner infection.

Two days after that I got an outer ear infection in my other year but was told by the doctor to just keep the oral antibiotics going.

I managed 3 days of the antibiotics but then couldn't tolerate them any more (bad stomach pain and diahorrea). I phoned the doctor who gave me a course of ciprofloxacin instead.

I finished that yesterday. Today my ear is becoming increasingly painful again - I don't know if I have an infection again (haven't seen doc) but I suspect I have as my ear canal is very swollen again.

I just don't know what to do now. I've already had LOADS of antibiotics in the last couple of months but none of them seem to be touching the infection (other than to offer short term relief). I'm loathe to keep going and bothering my GP about it but my ear really hurts.

Anybody got any useful suggestions as to my next step? <cries>

WhoAteAllTheDinosaurs Mon 15-Feb-16 18:56:23

If you have an external ear infection then oral antibiotics will do very little. You need topical antibiotics, ie ear drops. Are you having discharge from your ear?
Get your GP to phone your local ENT department, most ENT departments run emergency clinics where they will see people like you, do microsuction to remove the debris and if your ear canal is really swollen put what's called a pope wick in there which will let the drops get to where they need to.

FrancineDucks Tue 16-Feb-16 00:11:19

Thanks very much for replying! No discharge coming out but sore enough to require three lots of pain killers today and the ear canal is very swollen (and I can't hear as well that side either). I also can't pop it by holding my nose and blowing out (which is what one horrible GP said I should be doing 20 times a day) - it's just completely blocked.
I'll try and see GP tomorrow and ask for an ENT referral if they think it is appropriate, I wouldn't have thought to suggest that.
Thanks again for your help dinosaurs.

FrancineDucks Tue 16-Feb-16 00:13:34

Ps I'm not treating it with anything at the moment btw, I've finished the oral antibiotics and last GP I saw said not to bother with the ear drops. It's been a bit confusing because I saw two different GPs (over the course of the couple of weeks) who had differing advice.

WhoAteAllTheDinosaurs Tue 16-Feb-16 07:34:17

In my experience GPs often don't seem to know the right treatment for outer ear infections (or even for ear infections with grommets in). If it's that sore, then definitely go back to your GP.

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