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Extreme dry skin around eyes?!

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MrsPigling Sun 14-Feb-16 16:15:54

I'm flaking away and my upper eyelids are so sore sad

Back in November my left upper eyelid started to be very dry and flaky, then the right one, then under my left eye and now patches on my temples and in between my eyebrows. The skin is very red, stings like hell when I apply cream. It feels very tight and sore most of the time and is so flaky that bits are falling off me sad

I don't wear any make up and hadn't changed any face care products before it started, although have tried multiple things since.

I've tried in no particular order simple day cream, simple night cream, body shop vitamin e cream, garnier moisture and nourish plus, e45 cream, vaseline and coconut oil.

I've also tried drinking more water. I started work in an air conditioned office last spring, so I'm wondering if that's caused it. Seems a bit extreme though!

I saw the pharmacist who said I needed a GP, the appointment is next week, but it's got worse over this weekend and I'm wondering if there's anything obvious that I've not tried yet. Any ideas? thanks smile

MrsPigling Sun 14-Feb-16 16:18:07

blurry, but have you ever tried taking pics of your own eyelids?!

LettuceLaughton Sun 14-Feb-16 16:22:00

Crikey that does look sore, glad you have a GP appointment coming up.

Other than using a little bepanthen I'd be loath to do anything with it for fear of making it worse.

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