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The dreaded threadworms

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grace11 Sun 14-Feb-16 08:01:46

To my horror I discovered a threadworm on me about a week ago and then found lots on my dd1. I realise we've had this for at least a few months as I went to the dr weeks ago feeling itchy and she just swabbed for thrush so misdiagnosed. Now, we've all taken one dose of vermox and are due another in two weeks. It's 10 days now and I feel 'signs' that I've been reinfected. I was thinking about taking another dose today and then another dose in 10 days time to make sure? Timing of the medication seems to be key yet lots of people seem to do things differently. Advice would be much appreciated - I'm finding all this overly stressful (especially with a newborn baby who thankfully does not have it).

Idefix Sun 14-Feb-16 12:23:05

Have you followed all the advice regarding prevention of reinfection? The medicine is very safe but you really should follow the advice given by the gp, nurse, pharmacist who supplied the medicine.

I think it is very natural to start to think you can feel signs of reinfestation even though you are not. Like head feeling itchy when discussing headline.

Prevention is crucial but is hard when you have young children and a newborn.

Hope you get sorted soon.

grace11 Sun 14-Feb-16 12:47:27

Yes we are washing hands, bums in morning, changing bedding frequently etc. but convinced because I'm the one who cleans most I'm ingesting eggs all the time. I do definitely feel itchy. I'll call the gp tomorrow. I read on here people who take it weekly for 6 weeks - and some who do it every 10 days for 6 weeks. My dd1 is a thumb sucker so feel we are doomed! Been reading too many horror stories on forums where people can't get rid of them...

Idefix Sun 14-Feb-16 16:14:26

Poor you! Sounds like you are doing lots of the right things. Without wanting to add to your burden we also advise daily hoovering and wet dusting.

Ds was a nail biter and we went through months of reinfestation (eventually stopped biting his nails because of worms) and it really was me and ds (I also do the bulk of cleaning.

The other thing that helped was wearing gloves to do the cleaning (didn't quite get to wearing a surgical mask stage grin

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