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I can't sleep

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loopyloo87 Sat 13-Feb-16 09:22:28

Hi ,I'm hoping for that someone can give me some advice. .I've got a problem sleeping I can be absolutely shattered by 9pm but when I get in bed it's so difficult to drop off...I've tried reading before bed with a milky drink which doesn't help I'm active all day and up at 6.15am...It's really getting me down I'm exhausted even when I do finally get to sleep I'm tossing and turning all night so I don't get a restful night...Has anyone got advice or tips please ?I really don't want to go down the road of sleeping tablets ..

Realitea Sat 13-Feb-16 17:10:15

You could try magnesium taurate. It's brilliant stuff! Have a google.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Sat 13-Feb-16 19:53:11

I can't sleep either, mine has been going on for years. I recently caved and went to the GP who has prescribed me a trial of melatonin, I am starting it tonight I'll let you know if it works.

loopyloo87 Sat 13-Feb-16 20:52:49

Thankyou for your replies I feel as though I'm going nuts with lack of sleep. .I feel shattered all the time I'm also snappy with everyone in the house...I would love to go to bed and sleep all night but it's just tossing and turning all night with laying awake in between ...I hope that your sleep improves please let me know how you get on .

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