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Migraine help

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Scaredofmyownshadow Thu 11-Feb-16 21:44:03

I take tablets to prevent it but must have missed a dose of one of them and now I'm in agony with it.
I can only take paracetamol for the pain, tablets for the sickness and I've got a cool patch on my head but it's not shifting.
Is there anything anyone can suggest I can do?

SellFridges Thu 11-Feb-16 21:47:23

I sometimes find an ice pack to the back of my neck, right on the hairline, helps.

I have sumatriptans, you can buy one type (immigrants) over the counter.

Scaredofmyownshadow Thu 11-Feb-16 22:01:28

Unfortunately I can't take them, paracetamol is the only over the counter I can take.
I don't want to end up at the OOH's if I can avoid it.

Akire Thu 11-Feb-16 22:06:13

I found various things once it's past the peak pain point where you can't move. One is shower and switch between hot water on head and freezing cold for 10 sec as long as can stand it. And repeat - think as migraine is vascular it helps some way.

Or bowl of hot water and steam head good if have any olbus oil or Vicks or something to stick in it. Found that gives me maybe 15m of easing off.... Long enough to do first suggestion!

longdiling Thu 11-Feb-16 22:07:34

There was a post doing the rounds on Facebook with a girl sat with her hands and feet in a basin of icy cold water and a cold flannel on the back of her neck - apparently a migraine cure. Might be worth a go! I've also read that if caffeine doesn't cause your migraine it can shift it - if you could tolerate a strong coffee.

Akire Thu 11-Feb-16 22:13:50

Caffeine helps painkillers work faster maybe with next dose

Scaredofmyownshadow Thu 11-Feb-16 22:29:22

Thanks, I'll give them all a try.

lougle Thu 11-Feb-16 23:37:51

900mg Aspirin dissolved in coke (only if stomach is not sensitive).

The best thing is a pair of tights tied tightly around the head, tying the knot over the focus of the pain, then lay so that your head has the knot under it on the pillow. The pressure counteracts the pain.

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