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When is a UTI not a UTI?!

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kansasmum Thu 11-Feb-16 21:25:13

Apparently when despite having all the symptoms your urine sample comes back normal! Have been suffering with terrible burning all week when I wee, feeling need to wee frequently then doing about a teaspoonful, low abdo ache, etc etc. Dropped a sample off to GP practice for nurses to test, rang later and they said it showed something so nurse sent it to the lab and told me to phone back in 48 hours. I asked whether the dr would prescribe trimethoprim as all signs point to UTI but was told protocol is lab results then antibiotics! I'm guessing this is part of trying to reduce number of antibiotics prescribed.

So today rang for lab results - am told all is normal. So now I still have all the symptoms of a UTI but apparently my wee is normal?!
Now will have to try for GP appt tmw ( ha ha ha!) and see what they say cos it's bloomin' agony! I'm drinking gallons, have taken OTC treatment but to no avail!

Anyone got any tips? I've tried cranberry juice!

DingbatsFur Thu 11-Feb-16 21:36:09

This may not be for everyone but I put some tea tree oil drops on a menstrual pad and it worked a treat. Felt a bit 'sparkly' but it certainly helped. I definitely had a uti though. Poor you sad they are horrid.

DingbatsFur Thu 11-Feb-16 21:37:12

Oh and ban sugar. The pharmacist told me that the bacteria that cause UTI love sugar and you must try to avoid it if you can.

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