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Think I've got flu. How to make symptoms more bearable?

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lioncubofcintra Wed 10-Feb-16 22:49:46

Hi all. I have been experiencing flu symptoms since Monday. I currently have sore throat, headache, chesty cough and feel sick. I am also shivering with a high temp at the same time. I had the same thing almost exactly three years ago. I am finding it harder to deal with this time. Have had lemsip and paracetamol but don't think it's helped. Should I go to the doctors tomorrow? I don't know if I can cope with it for another 3 weeks.

Imnotaslimjim Wed 10-Feb-16 22:52:21

Rest, fluids and paracetamol is the only thing you can do

Please don't go to the doctor if its only been 3 days, you'll be feeling better in a couple more days

BubsandMoo Wed 10-Feb-16 22:57:59

Please don't go to the doctors, they'll only say to keep taking over the counter meds, rest and fluids. I have the same right now and it sucks, you have my sympathy.

Sorry if you already know this but lemsip has Paracetomol in it so just be careful you're not double dosing on it.

Get well soon!

ladydepp Wed 10-Feb-16 23:03:58

Unless your immune system is compromised it shouldn't be 3 weeks. Get as much rest as you can and drink lots of water/tea/juice. Eat if you feel up to it.

There's not much point going to the doctor unless you are having breathing difficulties or other serious symptoms.

I found nurofen more helpful for fever and aches and pains than paracetamol. If you can tolerate it you might want to try nurofen cold and flu....

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