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Low oestrogen in blood tests - causes?

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Sittinghereworrying Tue 09-Feb-16 17:24:27

Name changed for anonymity. I had a blood test done the other week as my periods have stopped (lmp 18/11/15, until then had been every 3-5 weeks roughly since I stopped taking the pill). Hpt was negative hence visit to GP

According to tests my oestrogen levels are low, and I'm being referred to gynaecologist. I'm now fretting about it, panicking its early menopause (I'm 27).

Has anyone else experienced this? What caused it? And how long does a referral will take?

StarTravels Tue 09-Feb-16 23:56:15

Did they test anything else? Any other hormones?

Do you have any other symptoms?

Sittinghereworrying Wed 10-Feb-16 07:40:47

Tests were the usual general ones I think, she said thyroid, diabetes, blood count etc plus hormone levels. Oestrogen was the only one she said was abnormal - I think another one was very low end of normal - LSH or something like that? - so I don't know which others were tested, I should have asked.

Only feelings out of the ordinary are a bit tired, bloated, have had a lot of indigestion/reflux - I do have IBS though so bloating may well be down to that.

PollyPerky Wed 10-Feb-16 11:39:18

Low thyroid can cause issues like this.

There are lots of possible reasons for this- wait to see your gynae and see what they say.

If it does turn out to be prem meno then there is a lot of support via this charity

Orangesarenot Wed 10-Feb-16 23:22:02

Been under stress? Suddenly increased exercise? Changed your eating habits? Have you lost weight? Missed periods and low oestrogen can be caused by any of those things. If your other hormone levels are normal and your last period was November and was fairly regular before that, I doubt it is early menopause. Please try not to worry, just be kind to yourself (eat well, relax as much as poss, don't do hardcore exercise) and I'm sure the gynae appointment won't take long flowers

Sittinghereworrying Wed 17-Feb-16 17:08:21

Sorry, I had logged in to respond earlier than this, I thought I had done - have been quite absentminded of late. Thanks for responses, and the link for future ref if necessary.

Polly, my thyroid levels came back normal, so that's been ruled out for now. Oranges, I can safely say I've not lost weight (sadly). I did have a spell of late/missing periods in my late teens and early twenties which was most likely weight loss related as I was underweight, but I'm now just pushing into overweight so it's not that this time. Unless being overweight could also cause it?

I've got an appointment through for 21 March, so just have to wait until then. Not sure what will be done at the appointment, but hopefully get to the bottom of things.

Sittinghereworrying Tue 22-Mar-16 07:15:05

By way of an update. Long story short, consultant looked at the results from the GP, seems to think oestrogen levels were fine, but said my LH level was 3 times my FSH level which could point to PCOS, which is a bit of a surprise as I had a scan of my ovaries 6 months or so ago which was clear. Have had another blood test for testosterone, thyroid again, LH and FSH, and will be seen again (presumably to discuss new blood test) in 8 weeks time. I have also been referred for a scan, which will be in 5-6 weeks, apparently.

Feeling a bit fed up now. Am getting increasingly bloated along with the lack of period. Irrationally (I know, daft) was hoping for miraculous "well, this is the problem, we'll do X and sort it out".

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