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Apicoectomy ? Anybody have one / any dentists about ?

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MelanieWiggles Mon 08-Feb-16 23:22:06

I am scheduled to have an apicoectomy on Thursday following a failed root canal. The dentist has given me the option of taking a valium (or similar sedative) to relax me, or going without (the procedure itself will have local anaesthesia). I'm not keen on the valium as I had one while having laser eye surgery and it just made me feel woozy and unable to focus, so I'm thinking of declining. The question is - am I mad ? Will the procedure be so grim I will regret it half way through ?!

Also, I have my son's parent-teacher meeting on Friday. I've been told to expect bruising and swelling but will I be able to set foot outside the door ?!

barkingfly Tue 09-Feb-16 03:15:42

It;s not that big a deal. But I would take the Valium if you get nerves at the dentist

ShangriLaLaLa Tue 09-Feb-16 17:43:53

I've had one, without sedation and I am the biggest wuss when it comes to things dental. It was fine but a very long process. It saved my tooth, for which I am eternally grateful. I would do it again with no hesitation. I understand your anxiety but am sure it will be fine.

ShangriLaLaLa Tue 09-Feb-16 17:45:13

Sorry, didn't see your last question. My face was a bit puffy and tender but I was out and about with no concerns.

KatOnATinRo0f Tue 09-Feb-16 22:52:47

I had one about 15 years ago, i just had anaesthetic and no sedative. It was fine. Took a while, and was a bit sore afterwards. The tooth is still there!

MelanieWiggles Tue 09-Feb-16 23:27:34

That's great everyone - thanks a million. I'm normally quite stoic so I'll go without and hope for the best !

HappenstanceMarmite Tue 09-Feb-16 23:29:43

What is this procedure?

KatOnATinRo0f Tue 09-Feb-16 23:39:07

Melanie. It will be fine! Get painkillers in stock just in case. and plan soft food. whereabouts in your mouth is it? mine was top front, so i could chew at the back. but looked rubbish for a while! i was only about 15 at the time.

its when a root canal has failed and can't be redone, they get to the infection by cutting through the gum by the end of the root of the tooth, cleaning it, and putting a filling in the end of the root. then stitching it back up. (sorry if that grossed anyone out)

HappenstanceMarmite Tue 09-Feb-16 23:58:08

Thanks Kat. Take the Valium!

MelanieWiggles Wed 10-Feb-16 09:18:02

It's at the back - the first molar on the RHS. Not the easiest to get at so I expect there will be some pulling involved ! Thanks for the tip on the soft food though.

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