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Weird things going on with my fingers

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Titsywoo Mon 08-Feb-16 23:02:13

For a few months I have noticed my fingertips go wrinkly (like when you have been in the bath) a fair bit but when water hasn't been near them. The only thing I can correlate it with is when my hands are cold or gripping something (like my steering wheel). Right hand is worst but it does happen on the left. Also a couple of times my fingers have started tingling for a few minutes. When the wrinkly thing happens if I press down on anything my fingertips stay indented for a minute or so. This isn't happening anywhere else on my body and the fingers don't appear to be swollen.

confused - any ideas?

KikiTheFrog Mon 08-Feb-16 23:11:21

I don't know but I sometimes have wrinkly fingertips too. Somedays worse and other days hardly at all. Of course Dr Google will come up with something sinister if you were to look. But maybe we are dehydrated?

Titsywoo Mon 08-Feb-16 23:22:04

Yes maybe - I'll try drinking more water for a few days to see what happens smile

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