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Broken nose and didn't know!

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seoda24 Sun 07-Feb-16 13:02:26

Hi all,
For about three months I have been complaining of a pain in nose when breathing/ bending forward and a stuffiness in nose.This had been causing problems breathing at night and and mouth breathing had started causing coughing during night.I also have multiple allergies .Cutting a long story short during the past few weeks I saw my dentist (complaining of jaw pain) a specialist in oral facial pain , and of course 3 trips to GP complaining of a sore stuffy nose and jaw pain.I felt they didn't believe me !!!At an ENT appointment last week I was told well you do know you broke your nose and the septum has moved creating poor breathing on one side of nose .I couldn't believe it....I have no recollection of any fall or blow to nose and I'm not into sport!!Thankfully I don't need an op and nasal sprays /creams/ gels are helping.anyone ever told they had broken their nose without knowing??How strange (got a v light fall face forward on grass a while back walking dog but v soft I was up again...)!!!

MuttonDressedAsMutton Sun 07-Feb-16 23:11:45

flowers for you. What a nightmare! My strong and flighty dogs quite often have me over and it's only a matter of time before something breaks.

maggiso Mon 08-Feb-16 00:07:40

Similar happened to me - but I remember the incident that caused it - just did not realise I had broken anything at the time. I ran full pelt into scaffolding at nose height trying to catch ds when he was about 2 and making a break for freedom- so I was looking down at him. i expected the bruising and headache at the time- but with small kids there is no time to worry about minor bumps to Mum! Mine needed surgery but it did both stop the facial pain and has helped with the blocked nose. I still have a bent nose though! Hope the drops sort yours out.

seoda24 Mon 08-Feb-16 17:57:24

Oh no .... Poor you.Well glad I don't have a crooked nose ha ha I am attractive enough smile)I thought to myself it can't be that easy to break your nose? Walking my big strong dog is an endurance test in itself!Well the good news is that my breathing through nose has improved with nasal spray/antihistamines and the pain isn't as bad .Even bending forward was very sore.I think my other half thought I was imagining it until I announced yes there is an improvement .Thanks nose people

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