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blood pressure is too high atm but im not on medication

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biglips Sun 07-Feb-16 10:34:36

Had it checked out yesterday at the family planning clinic as im changing over my contraception situation (i've had high blood pressure for the past 12 yrs), and it was reading 162/108. it's usually like 122/98, I've always been borderline. So no medication was needed, that was 4-5 yrs ago.

Lately, there been alot going on and i'm under a hell lot of stress which prob not helping.

gotta make a appointment at my docs tmrw.

Will they keep an eye on me for a couple of weeks, like last time or put me straight onto the tabs?

iklboo Sun 07-Feb-16 10:44:53

I wore a 24 hour monitor that checked pressure throughout the day & night. As it was consistently high no matter what I was doing they put me on meds. They've changed the dosage a couple of times but now I'm stable.

biglips Sun 07-Feb-16 11:31:08

did u have any signs of having the high blood pressure?

as im under alot of stress atm so im verrrryyy tired 24/7 and sometimes I'm swaying when im standing still. unsure if thats is the signs or just tiredness? dont know which one is which??

stitch10yearson Sun 07-Feb-16 11:33:26

They wont put you on medication until there are 3 confirmed bp readings separated in time.
Best bet is to get a home kit. £15 from amazon and measure yourself on a regularish basis to get a better idea. Its always higher in the clinic, 'white coat effect'

tobee Sun 07-Feb-16 13:43:19

There are rarely any signs of high blood pressure unless it's astronomical and sometimes not even then.

PollyPerky Sun 07-Feb-16 16:12:13

The best way forward is lifestyle measures- you have got to exercise, if you don't now.
A brisk walk of 30-40 minutes daily for a start. And then look at diet- cut out salt, reduce refined carbs and increase fruit and veg.
No one ought to use BP meds unless they have done this first, unless they are perhaps very elderly.
Most high BP is lifestyle related, so you ought to tackle that first.

This link shows you how to smile

Blood pressure you and your lifestyle

biglips Sun 07-Feb-16 20:52:00

Stitch... Yes I've bought myself one today so will keep an eye on it.

Polly - I had my thinking cap on today. Me and my friend had set up a slimming world recipes page, just for us two and to start going on a brisk walk too. Start off a 40 mins walk and build up from there eventually. As I'm fed up of feeling frazzled and aching cos I'm tired. We eat alot of fruits, no added salt to foods, but lately I've been having a large bowl of brekkie for supper as I'm craving for sugar... Poss to keep me awake and its also a comfort eating type. I do eat choc when I'm on but that's it.

Aaaannnnnddd I stopped going to the gym a year ago......oooops! Cos of money probs

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