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Baby constipation

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WittgensteinsBunny Fri 05-Feb-16 10:11:44

My DD is 10 mo, breastfed and an excellent eater when it comes to solids. She has 3 meals and 2 snacks + water or very dilute juice with meals and snacks, the latter because of her horrible constipation. I've up'd her soluble fibre in the last week and reduced her carb / insoluble fiber intake because she was really struggling to go. As a tiny baby she went every 10 days. She was ebf and the HV said this was normal as lots of wet nappies and excellent weight gain just under the 91st centile. Since weaning at 5 mo, things have slowed down and for the last 3 mo she only poo's once or twice a week always screaming hysterically in pain and always with a couple of spots of blood, usually a tiny poo and then a day later a massive adult looking poo. I've booked in to see the GP next week. However, in the past 12 hours she's done 3 soft poos, still screaming and crawling around listlessly but no blood and how I remember my older daughter's poos at this stage. The other thing I've done is to remove dairy as her dad is dairy intolerant. She doesn't show any other signs of intolerance and lots of fruit & prunes & oats seems to have improved things. I just don't know what to feed her now as I don't want to swing things the other way and cause her yet more discomfort. I feel awful that she's suffering and that I might be giving her all the wrong foods. I'm going to not me her movements and keep a food diary, is there anything else I could do? Or any words of wisdom?

outputgap Fri 05-Feb-16 12:52:47

When dc2 was a baby we sorted out his constipation with pretty much the same approach - fruit, dried fruit and to break the back of it, pear juice, which is full of sorbitol apparently. Sorbitol is nature's laxative!

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