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New job and I think I have whooping cough.

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ApologiesToInsectLife Thu 04-Feb-16 18:40:06

It's only my 3rd week at my new job but I'm pretty convinced I have whooping cough (albeit mildly). I've developed the struggling for breath whoop and have been sick a couple of times. I work with elderly people so I have to stay away until I find out if I have it as I know it's really infectious. But I feel so guilty. I'm really never ill but I've never experienced anything like this cough and the panic of not being able to breathe. Plus my new job is just going to think I'm a slacker because during the day the cough isn't as bad, it's in the evening and at night when I'm in bed. Oh blahhh. I just feel awful I'm off already sad. I can't remember the last time I was off ill.

venusinscorpio Thu 04-Feb-16 18:48:06

Oh poor you if you do. It's horrible. I had a whole term off school when I was about 7 and it took me a year to properly recover.

workplacetherapies Thu 04-Feb-16 20:31:25

poor you apologies - google vitamin c protocol and get some - sodium absorbate to bowel tolerance - will dramatically cut the coughing spasms and help you get better quickly - also steaming with essential oils - marjoram/tea tree may help you. Honey can help.

MatildaTheCat Fri 05-Feb-16 01:24:30

Whooping cough is a notifiable disease so you must see your GP and get a diagnosis. I had it a few years ago and only saw my GP about three weeks in because, like you it wasn't all that bad and actually, I recognised the symptoms and had to persuade my GP that I did have it. My dh had it a few years previously which was how I recognised it. The annoying thing is that because it's not constant you might be totally symptom free when you do see the GP.

I was working with pregnant women at the time and it caused quite a problem because they all had to be traced and offered advice. So, since you are working with a vulnerable group you should inform your employers and see your GP ASAP. Unfortunately the blood test needed takes quite a while to come back so your GP may just fob you off in which case it's a bit difficult and your employers will need to decide if they are happy with you being there.

ApologiesToInsectLife Fri 05-Feb-16 12:17:48

GP has taken blood and given me antibiotics - I have to stay away from work for 5 days from today (after that I shouldn't be infectious as anti-b's will have worked). I've told work. There was not much advice about the actual horrible choking cough unfortunately sad. What a horrible condition!

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