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weird visual disturbance

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meddie Tue 02-Feb-16 13:39:11

Just had a really strange episode. looking at screen and noticed what looked like a bit of water was on my glasses in the centre of my vision, there was nothing on the glasses, this blurry patch then gradually enlarged over the following 15 minutes spreading out towards the edge of my vision and clearing up in the middle as it went. it was like a pulsating wiggly lined ring gradually getting bigger. Its now gone anyone got any ideas what it was?

Justmuddlingalong Tue 02-Feb-16 13:40:07


hesterton Tue 02-Feb-16 13:41:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

meddie Tue 02-Feb-16 13:41:21

Dont know never had migraine before (nearly 50) so this is new to me. No headache just this gradually expanding visual disturbance which resolved then started again from the centre

ouryve Tue 02-Feb-16 13:42:41

Sounds very much like a migraine aura and it's not uncommon to have them for the first time around menopause.

Probably best to get checked out, though.

FannyFifer Tue 02-Feb-16 13:43:07

I would try get an optician appointment and tell them what happened.

Justmuddlingalong Tue 02-Feb-16 13:43:22

I have this without a headache, usually when my period's due. I'm 45.

RhinestoneCowgirl Tue 02-Feb-16 13:44:09

I occasionally get migraine with aura, this sounds similar but definitely recommend GP appt to get checked out.

MarvellousCake Tue 02-Feb-16 13:44:54

Exactly like a migraine - but I'd go to the doctor and get checked out. You can get the visual aura without the headache.

meddie Tue 02-Feb-16 13:44:55

thanks just googled migraine and it seems to match the visual migraine description, how weird, no pain. screw you menopause

mawbroon Tue 02-Feb-16 13:45:17

Sounds similar to the migraine auras that I used to get. Funnily enough, I didn't really get a sore head with it, so don't discount migraine on the basis of no headache

mawbroon Tue 02-Feb-16 13:46:19

X post with others!

Loraline Tue 02-Feb-16 13:46:52

I get an aura like this but the headache/pressure/nausea doesn't come until a bit later.

CMOTDibbler Tue 02-Feb-16 13:47:05

It does sound like a painless migraine (I had them like this before I got full migraines), but it does need to be checked out asap. Most opticians will squeeze you in for a quick check of your retina etc if you explain

TrionicLettuce Tue 02-Feb-16 13:49:17

Retinal migraines cause visual disturbances often without the associated headache. I get them (with various types of sight issues ranging from slightly "wiggly" vision to complete vision loss) and very rarely get a headache with them.

Definitely get checked out though, even if you're prone to migraines it's recommended that you have a check up if anything changes.

littlewoollypervert Tue 02-Feb-16 13:49:36

Another vote here for ocular migraine. If you google it, there are images that for me almost exactly matched what I had seen. Only ever had it once.

One of my colleagues was having them, due to tiredness, and she said it was like a disco in her eye!

meddie Tue 02-Feb-16 13:51:09

Yes it is like a disco. I,m actually finding it fascinating. Will book an optician appointment though..

meddie Tue 02-Feb-16 13:52:11

yes googled ocular migraine, thats exactly what I,m seeing. Just hoping this isnt going to turn into a banging headache now

catgames Tue 02-Feb-16 13:53:55

Yes sounds just like a visual migraine. I get normal migraines too but occasionally get the visual kind without a headache. It usually lasts for around 30mins to an hour and gradually moves from the centre to my peripheral vision. I started getting them in my 20's and got checked out by an optician and my GP to confirm. I was very freaked out the first time it happened but used to it now and can pretty much carry on as normal (excluding driving etc.)

OolonColluphid Tue 02-Feb-16 13:58:35

I get them and usually feel a bit rough afterwards rather than get a headache.. if at the start of the sparkles I have lots of water and go and curl up somewhere for ten minutes they go a lot quicker than if I have to work through them. Mine are tired/stress related or with some food triggers but I used to get a lot more when I drank diet pop.

luciole15 Tue 02-Feb-16 14:04:16

I've started getting them too. Also pre-period. Am sure is an occular migraine. Depressed to hear of menopausal link other have reported.

FaceTheFace Tue 02-Feb-16 16:34:29

If you have had an ocular migraine it may increase your risk of serious side effects (strokes, etc) from some forms of hormonal birth control. Check with your doctor.

MarvellousCake Wed 03-Feb-16 14:26:58

Yes, FaceTheFace I had to come off the pill for that reason. I also go straight for Migralieve and then bed when the visual disturbance comes on, because I don't know whether it will lead to the headache or not (used to get a headache 100% of the time, now it is probably more like 75% of the time).

moreshitandnofuckingredemption Wed 03-Feb-16 14:30:04

Google "scintillating scotoma", think that's what I get.

redpriestandmozart Wed 03-Feb-16 19:21:07

I get ocular migraines, without any pain and when the visual disturbances finish my head feels so clear and so good. No idea if this is normal but I always feel great afterwards.

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