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Anyone else with scoliosis?

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TheLittleLion Mon 01-Feb-16 00:39:34

When I was around 16 I had an mri scan and was told that I had scoliosis, it was 6 years ago and to be honest, I can't remember any of the details. I don't know what type of curve I have or how many degrees it is/ was. I was going through some of things at the time and it wasn't really my biggest concern. All I know was that they said it was mild and obviously didn't require any treatment.
For quite a while now my back has been causing me quite a lot of pain and today I've been getting pains in my ribs, which Dm thinks is caused by the scoliosis (she has it too).

Am I right in thinking that you are supposed to be monitored regularly to check whether or not the degree has changed? Or is this only in more severe cases?

blondiebonce Mon 01-Feb-16 01:03:54

I have what they described as a mild case, but it has caused a fair bit of pain at certain points, such as sitting on hard chairs for long periods in class at school and when I was pregnant with Dd.
l had to contact the local (NHS) physio myself each time, but I was kept more of an eye on when heavily pregnant and for a bit after birth.

My cynical mind says it's to do with the NHS crumbling a bit and not being able to keep up with demand. Waiting lists even for things like physiotherapy can be ridiculous unfortunately. If you're concerned speak to your GP and see what they suggest.

Minimammoth Mon 01-Feb-16 01:21:41

Pilates could help you, or yoga therapy. It would take regular practice to ease and balance the muscular structure but worth it in the long run. Talk to teachers in your area and find out if they are experienced enough to work with you.

Atenco Mon 01-Feb-16 02:02:02

I supposedly have mild scoliosis, but now I am doubting it as I have never had any back pain. A chiropractor told me that cycling was very good for avoiding problems with it, which I used to do a lot.

MaitlandGirl Mon 01-Feb-16 02:10:08

I've got a S shaped curve to my spine and get loads of pain in my ribcage under my left boob (the underwire doesn't sit flat) and keep tearing ligaments around my left hip.

I get a full MRI and X-rays every year (we're not in the UK) and have regular Physio as well.

My GP keeps offering me referrals to a surgeon but I'm not brave enough for that.

TheLittleLion Mon 01-Feb-16 10:14:02

Thanks for all the answers smile
I will definitely be making an appointment with my GP tomorrow.
I'm not expecting him to be able to do that much, I know it's not severe enough to warrant surgery but I'm so sick of the constant pain.
I did get one session of physio after the mri, I thought is was to help with the scoliosis but i was asked to do some things by the physio, told I had hypermobility and sent on my merry way!

Owllady Tue 02-Feb-16 10:10:18

Thelittlelion, i'dask to be seen again whilst you are still young enough for surgery if you need it. I think one x ray at 16 isnt enough.

My dd has just had correction at 16 and there were girls on the ward who'd had mild ones operated on

TheLittleLion Tue 02-Feb-16 10:39:21

I think that too Owllady, I've not had one for six years and I see other people getting one every 6 months! I didn't know they'd operate on mild ones, that's good to hear. I'd definitely consider surgery, this 'mild' scoliosis doesn't seem too mild when I'm uncomfortable and in pain 24 hours a day.
I hope your daughter is recovering well! smile

I won't be able to see my doctor today, he's fully booked and then off until Friday.

Owllady Tue 02-Feb-16 10:43:52

Shes done amazingly well. It was well worth it.

i just dont know how they know it is still mild if you are not having regular x rays. My dd s curve went from 35° to over 65° in two years.

Owllady Tue 02-Feb-16 10:44:55

That was despite bracing. But you need to be seen by someone, especially if you are in pain.

TheLittleLion Tue 02-Feb-16 11:17:25

I will definitely be seeing my doctor, hopefully on Friday and if I can't get an appointment with him I'll see someone else. I don't even know what my curve was back then, but I'm guessing it's probably progressed and even if it hasn't I still feel like I need something done about it, there's no way I can deal with this for my entire life.
I feel slightly let down that after the one pointless physio appointment it was never talked about again, they just sort of pushed me out and told me to get on with it.

Over a 30degree increase even with a brace? She must have been really hurting.

TheLittleLion Fri 05-Feb-16 23:20:00

I saw my doctor this afternoon and was referred for physiotherapy.

I left feeling pretty confused, he told me 'sometimes severe scoliosis can cause no pain and mild scoliosis can cause a lot of pain so theres no point in getting an x-ray to measure the curve' or something like that.

He said he couldn't find the mri scan or the results in my notes.

He tried to say that maybe my pain is caused by the fact that sometimes i pick up my 2.5 year old even though I've had pain for the past 7 years. hmm

Aibu to be annoyed that he didn't even look at me, no checking to see that my shoulders are completely out of line or doing the forward bending test and totally brushing off my suggestion of checking to see if the degree of my curve has worsened via x-ray?

Alexandra1988 Thu 23-Feb-17 09:31:39

Hi Thelittlelion just wondered if you got any further assessing your scoliosis? In a slightly similar situation myself at present.

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