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Anyone had this? Inflammation of gullet( oesophagus)

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kissmelittleass Sun 31-Jan-16 00:48:00

I have always had a problem with heartburn for the last I'd say 20 years. I would just get a lot if wind burping and uncomfortable pain in chest but would pass after a little while. So on Tuesday this week I suddenly got a strong achy sore pain across top of my chest and top of my back sort if lung area. At the sane time I felt a irritation soreness at bottom of throat, it also hurt a little to move forward or bend down it felt as if I'd sprained something. This continued for about 3-4 hours then it disappeared. I was fine Wednesday and then it came on again Thursday early evening, sane as before and I had a few little burps this time too! It rad diff a bit but remained uncomfortable so I visited doctor on Friday. He examined me and said it was inflammation if the gullet, oesophagus and something about burning acid. I never realised it was this as I only suffered heartburn before, is there any reason I felt such pain in my chest and back and a sore throat. Doctor has put me on zomel 30mg a day for 2 weeks and told me to take gaviscon. I'm a bit worried as he asked me if I had trouble swallowing which I haven't but tonight imagination maybe but I felt as if I had something in my throat. Imagination running riot here as I had a close relative die from oesophagus cancer recently and so I'm a bit scared. If anyone has had this it would be great to hear your story.

gingeroots Sun 31-Jan-16 10:17:12

I've had oesphageal cancer so I guess I'm inclined to be overcautious .

On the plus side I'd say you'd almost certainly have trouble with getting food down and keeping it down if you had a tumour .It's not quite the same as difficulty swallowng exactly as what tends to happen is that the food goes down ,gets stuck ,and then you choke and gag and bring it back up .Sorry for details ,trying to reassure ( in my clumsy way ) that it wouldn't be something you'd miss or overlook . IME .

On the negative side I'd say that long term indigestion/heartburn can be a factor for oesphageal cancer and that if I were you I'd stress to GP that you've had symptoms for years .Hopefully he/she will refer you for an endoscopy to check things .

Not sure if any of that is any help ....

gingeroots Sun 31-Jan-16 10:19:42

Sorry forgot to say - pain in chest ,back ,sore throat can all be caused by heartburn/acid .

Anomia10 Sun 31-Jan-16 12:45:05

I had a problem with constant heartburn. I was seeing a consultant, on another matter in the same part of the body and he commented it would not help. He wrote to my GP and asked them to prescribe something for it! They gave me a proton pump inhibitor.

I have suffered a couple of times with oesophageal spasm - the first time, the pain was so severe, I thought it was a heart attack and I was dying. As well as severe central chest pain, I was dizzy and sweating. I could not have rung 999. My GP told me to ring 999 next time, as they could test for a hormone or something. Fortunately, next time it happened at 1.30 am and my husband called 999. I was taken to A & E, but the ECG did not show a heart attack.

I mentioned it to my mother in passing, who told me my father had "devil's grip", which was eased by drinking a glass of cold water. I did some research on the internet, and found it is one name for oesophageal spasm - which described my symptoms exactly, and it always comes on, when I'm stressed. Since then, a glass of cold water has always stopped the pain almost immediately! I guess it is somehow connected to the heartburn?

bilbodog Sun 31-Jan-16 15:09:36

My DH had achalasia (not sure of spelling) where spinchter at entrance to stomach stops working properly and food builds up in the easophagus. Dagnosed by scan or xray - or could be hiatus hernia?

kissmelittleass Mon 01-Feb-16 09:00:19

Thanks for replies, Gingeroots..Thanks for explaining i hope all is well with you now. I am thinking if going back to the doctor and explaining I have had wind and chesty heartburn pains for about 20 years although as I said never experienced the prolonged ache in chest and back I had last I think about it since I am aware I sometimes swallow twice as the first time it felt as if the food didn't go down right. I do tend to swallow whilst still eating though and thought maybe it's me rushing food. It's strange and could be my imagination as I said but. I still have the funny feeling of something stuck at the very bottom of my throat more so when I think about it. I am probably over worrying and I am a big worrier anyway.

hellsbells99 Mon 01-Feb-16 09:15:20

You should be referred for an endoscopy as a precaution as you have had acid reflux for a number of years.

gingeroots Mon 01-Feb-16 10:07:50

hellsbells is right ,you defintely need to go back to GP and really get it across that you've had acid reflux/heartburn for 20 years plus .

He should refer you for an endoscopy . In the scheme of things it's not likely you've got cancer but ongoing heartburn/acid reflux means you should be checked .

Make another appointment .

hellsbells99 Mon 01-Feb-16 11:40:45

Glad you are ok now gingeroots flowers

gingeroots Mon 01-Feb-16 13:03:36

I am ,mainly .Obviously some side effects from the surgery .But great care from NHS and fortunately caught relatively early .

It never crossed my mind to bother GP with heartburn - even when I was more worried about having gaviscon to hand than blankets when retiring for the night in my tent .Lying so flat was of course a killer !

hellsbells99 Mon 01-Feb-16 13:20:09

Gingeroots - A close member of my family has been treated for this - we bought her a very nice electric bed from Dreams so she doesn't sleep 'flat'.

gingeroots Mon 01-Feb-16 20:18:24

Yes an electric bed would be lovely I think .But I manage with a myriad of pillows at home .

I picked up one of these in a charity shop and it does the job in the tent grin

OP hope you've made appointment to go back to GP ...

51howdidthathappen Mon 01-Feb-16 20:45:57

When I met my partner over three years ago, he had had his symptoms for over 10 years. Swallowing difficulties for a couple of years. He did manage a lot of his symptoms with diet, sleeping position. I sourced info from the net, shared it with him and he booked an appointment.

The GP referred him for an endoscopy. His throat had been very badly damaged. He was put on acid blockers, double dose for 3 months. Then another endoscopy, the difference was amazing, his throat had healed so much. He is now on a maintenance dose of one tablet a day.

They did discuss the possibility of an op for the swallowing problem, as that was not likely to be resolved with the acid blockers. Some foods are worse than others, bread in particular, manageable if he drinks plenty of water. He has decided he can live with it, as his quality of life has improved considerably.
He can now eat pizza, previously a trigger food. And sleep on his back. Can't give the mountain of pillows up though smile

kissmelittleass Tue 02-Feb-16 10:50:06

Great to hear you are doing well Gingeroots , I am actually heading away for 10 days from Thursday and couldn't get an appointment before I went. Will make one for when I get back though. I have no pain since but I do have rumbling/ gurgling noises on and off in my chest area all day and burping on and off! I only take 2 spoons of gaviscon a day and take the tablet zomel each morning which the doctor said would heal it. I will be terrified if doc suggests a endoscopy as the though of something going down my throat scares me witless, I have a awful gagging reflex I don't know if I could do it. A close relative had osophagus cancer and they couldn't get the endoscopy done as he was choking with it, I don't know how he was diagnosed in the end but he had a tumour there, very sadly he died 8 months later. I might be making myself more stressed because of this but I will definitely see the doctor when I get back and see what he suggests. Thank you all for replies.

kissmelittleass Tue 02-Feb-16 10:58:59

Ha! As I posted this I decided to try doctors just to see could I get seen tomorrow and they had a cancellation for 9am just come in! So I'm getting seen at 9 in the morning, hope he doesn't think I'm a drama queen I just never thought to mention I had burping wind problems for so long!

gingeroots Tue 02-Feb-16 11:11:53

Well done .I do understand about not wanting to seem to be a drama queen ,I'm very much like that myself . But if he makes you feel you're making a fuss he's not doing his job properly .He'll probably say come back after finishing the medication - but although they'll undoubtably soothe the symptoms they won't undo any damage done by years of reflux .

The thought of the endoscopy is worse than thing itself .You can have sedation which will make it ok .

I'm sorry about your relative ,no wonder you're anxious .

Let us know how it goes .

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