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teenager with thyroid disease - anyone else?

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TopazRocks Thu 28-Jan-16 21:01:27

17 Year old son has developed hypothyroidism. We noticed a very large goitre in his neck - the rest is history. I know it's good that it's hypo not hyper, or anything else, as it's easier to manage. I have it too, have been on thyroxine now over a decade, and it took ages/years to get treatment and get onto a reasonable level. So not all okay really, but better than it could have been, I know.

Not sure of the point of this post, just I suppose i feel guilty. He has HFA too (on autistic spectrum) so had enough challenges in his life already. Always told myself my boys (all sons) were partly protected form autoimmune disease (my family has v strong history, and i have several AI diseases) as they are all boys. I might even have said such on MN before. <sad, maternal face>

TopazRocks Thu 28-Jan-16 21:06:24

P.S. He got my short sight too. At least his father's family is responsible for the autism!

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