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Head still fuzzy 9 months post concussion, will i ever be normal again?

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tallulahturtle Wed 27-Jan-16 21:18:35

Hit my head in a riding accident last April. Was a big impact (fell onto headcam which exacerbated things). Was seemingly fine, didn't lose consciousness or even see stars.
Was fine until two days later, so i went to the doctors, just felt spaced out- sort of overwhelmed, kind of like a feeling you get when you get off a long flight and you are tired and in a unfamiliar, bustling airport. I just feel disconnected most of the time, have trouble concentrating and have a poor attention span. For the first few months i was quite intolerant and impatient with people, i feel this has improved but i still find myself doing things not usually in my charachter like confronting people (sometimes putting myself in potentially shady situations, ie maybe that rude teen has a knife) where i would have in the past just let things slide.

Is this likely to improve, did I fuck up not getting looked at sooner? Could anything have been done anyway?
I have learnt to deal with it most of the time but it also gets me down.

TheGreatSnafu Thu 28-Jan-16 10:46:59

Did they do an MRI?

Were you seen by a neurologist?

TheGreatSnafu Thu 28-Jan-16 10:47:24

Er, and sorry you are going through this, it sounds awful.

tallulahturtle Thu 28-Jan-16 12:32:16

No, I went to the doctors and he said that I should feel normal in a few weeks maybe months. He didnt think any investigations were necessary.
Think I will go back to doctors as i really would have hoped i would feel better by now.

TheGreatSnafu Thu 28-Jan-16 12:36:19

Yes, definitely go back to the doctors - yes, it depends on what type of injury you sustained but there are things that can be done to help your recovery.

You need to see a neurologist, I'd pretty much insist on a referral. Do you have private health insurance? That will obviously speed things up.

sadie9 Thu 28-Jan-16 12:57:23

Could it be that the accident has affected your thinking patterns and moods? The accident was a fairly significant traumatic incident in your life. Our minds sometimes doesn't forget those frights that easy. The flaring up easily thing sounds like you are more on the defensive that you would have been. Because your mind basically got an awful fright and now it is on 'high alert' for threat detection, which can be very draining. The overwhelmedness feeling would fit in with that. Something like a few sessions of cognitive behaviour therapy might help, coupled with some mindfulness. Also mindfulness exercises like body scan to help notice tension etc in different places of the body. Have you had any trouble sleeping after the accident? Or do you sleep more now that before? People who have had car accidents can have similar symptoms.
I could be completely wrong, just an idea. Good luck with it.

Akire Thu 28-Jan-16 13:00:33

Mood changes are common after brain injury even if Mri shows no damage its force can bruise brain so to speak. Saying that dr sounds v bad not to have referred you for scan or followed up if no improvement in week or so.

Please go and ask for referral for neuro and scan.

ImperialBlether Thu 28-Jan-16 13:03:23

Another one here who thinks you should see a neurologist. It sounds very scary.

tallulahturtle Thu 28-Jan-16 15:47:02

Thanks for the idea about trauma but the accident was not traumatic at all, it was a ridiculous fall and it was just my stupid fault for falling off while wearing a headcam so the force was concentrated on one spot.
Will phone the doctors and get an appointment and wont take no for an answer for a referral.

ImperialBlether Thu 28-Jan-16 15:51:29

It was a big impact; you've said that. How is that different to trauma?

tallulahturtle Thu 28-Jan-16 22:41:42

I mean it wasnt scary, I wasn't traumatised mentally by the fall.

craftyoldhen Thu 28-Jan-16 22:49:12

My sister developed epilepsy after a fall in which she hit her head and suffered concussion.

She doesn't have fits, but absences which she describes as a static in her head. She was also acring out of character at times. It's now controlled by medication.

The GP didn't take her seriously for ages, she had to fight to be referred to specialist.

notapizzaeater Thu 28-Jan-16 23:00:18

Sometimes the small falls are the worse as we underestimate the damage they do.

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