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Lower Back Pain

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Snert26 Wed 27-Jan-16 13:51:58

I have had lower back pain for 4 years following me falling out the loft and 6 months after i was recovering from that i was hit from behind in a RTA. i have had lots of physio injections and none work i am taking gabapentin suposed to be 3 times a day but can only take 1 at night which helps me sleep much better but cant take them during the day as make me feel so tired etc. i have had just a scan on my spine because a ive never had a x ray or anything since the accidents and my pain is more on my spine rather than muscle to the sides and pain in my hip,leg foot and a lot of stiffness, currently waiting on results of that but while i wait for a diagnosis although they are not expecting to see any blown discs they suspect my trouble is with the nerve its self and that it was damaged in the first accident and and not helped in the second.

Anyway can anyone recommend would pilates or yoga help me and which is best i have been in contact with my local gym and pilaties/yoga instructor but they all said untill i get the results of my mri scan they wont touch me incase they make it worse which i can understand. any ideas which would work.

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