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Medication Interaction

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Sam2003 Wed 27-Jan-16 10:01:32

Hey all,
I just want some clarification please. I have a low back pain and pain in my neck and shoulders and migraines that cause my right eye to hurt a lot and everything seems blurry and I'm dizzy. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said it's High Blood Pressure.He tested me 2 times and sent me to the emergency room and a nurse gave me Diazepam after one hour I was ok.They asked me to come test my BP for 7 days and did blood tests that I get results in a week and xray for lumbar area and another one in weeks for the kidney.Anyway the doctor yesterday gave me Diazepam,Diclofenac & Ranitidine & today after I took the Xray I asked to see him again but could not.My Xray was ok but I still had pain in my back and bad headache,this time I saw a female Doctor & she gave me Vasograin & Ibuprofen...My question is will these pills make me better or addicted to them? Are they going to interact with one another & cause an overdose? Just a bit afraid


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