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Don't suppose anyone has found a cure for (wo)man flu?

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RoastChickenDinner Wed 27-Jan-16 07:48:29

Bad cold flu thing, I feel dreadful. Cough, blocked up nose, sore sinuses/jaw, shivers, all that good fun. Doped up on paracetamol and nurofen cold and flu.

Sadly staying in bed is not an option due to DCs and work.

Any tips?

And I missed the train this morning sad

PurpleDaisies Wed 27-Jan-16 07:51:33

A really hot shower, cup of tea and something nice for breakfast.

Colds are always worse in the morning so hopefully you'll start feeling a bit better as the day goes on.brew

Pipistrella Wed 27-Jan-16 07:51:44

Can you work from home? I think it sounds like you need to have a rest and also, no one else is going to want to catch it!

Sorry you feel so crap brew

RoastChickenDinner Wed 27-Jan-16 08:00:50

Thank you ladies. We are short of desks in our section at the moment anyway, so I am planning to quarantine myself across in an empty bit of the office in the hope of not giving it to anyone.

Unfortunately the policy is pretty much either you're too sick to work or you're not, so can't really work from home. I also can't really be off sick at the moment unless I am actually totally incapacitated due to things going on in the office (long story - won't bore you)

I appreciate the sympathy though flowerssmile

hollinhurst84 Wed 27-Jan-16 08:04:46

Otrivine for blocked nose. Honestly it's amazing

Pandopops Wed 27-Jan-16 08:08:03

About 5 drops of Olbas Oil in an egg cup old mug & then about half an inch of boiling water on top of it, put it out of reach but near where you sit and breathe it in.

Vicks on your chest or back, lots of fluids, its bloody awful flowers

RoastChickenDinner Wed 27-Jan-16 08:14:54

Thank you, I will try those, xx.

foragogo Wed 27-Jan-16 08:31:24

Lemsip Max strength satchets temporarily perk you up enough to function a bit.

PurpleDaisies Wed 27-Jan-16 08:36:52

Don't forget lemsip contains paracetamol-you don't want an accidental oversold on top of your

RoastChickenDinner Wed 27-Jan-16 08:57:26

Thanks Purple, I am quite careful about paracetamol.

Do you think Lemsip is better than tablets? I might swap my next lot of tablets for lemsip.

PurpleDaisies Wed 27-Jan-16 08:59:54

They both contain exactly the same dose of paracetamol-up to you which you prefer. I quite like lemon ginger tea as an alternative to lemsip if I've already taken the max paracetamol dose.

RoastChickenDinner Wed 27-Jan-16 10:40:04

I got some lemsip, but it also contains 12.2 mg phenylephrine hydrochloride. The nurofen cold and flu also have 5mg of this. Is that too much? I can just take normal ibuprofen. Don't see any warnings on the packets.

RoastChickenDinner Wed 27-Jan-16 10:43:56

A bit of Google suggests yes it is!

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