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I know it's a longshot but has anyone else got Lipoedema?

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copycat Fri 22-Dec-06 20:42:53

Having spent years being ashamed of my unsightly body shape and crippled by self-consciousness I have only recently been diagnosed with Lipoedema. I just wondered if any other Mumsnetters shared this condition and could identify with the frustration of years of fruitless dieting and obsessive exercising that have proved to be in vain? If so, I'll share a virtual lettuce leaf with you at the gym!
Happy Christmas everyone.

7swansaswimmingup Sat 23-Dec-06 18:19:39

sorry dont suffer with it and never heard of it! doesnt sound very pleasant. have you googled it for support groups. i found a support group for my ds illness,even though most of them are americans/australians its good to hear from people who understand exactly what youre talking about

HelenaDove Sun 29-Jan-17 01:13:39

"Lipoedema is an abnormal build up of fat cells and its almost exclusively a female condition. It often runs in families and tends to develop when hormone levels are fluctuating. It commonly affects the whole of both legs , less often arms and not feet or hands As well as being swollen your legs may feel achy and you get broken blood vessels or bruising.
We tend to associate fat cells with being overweight but while lipoedema is made worse by excess weight , many women with lipoedema are within normal weight range. Losing weight makes little difference to lipoedema Neither do water tablets or keeping your legs raised both of which can be helpful in other forms of oedema.
Compression garments dont affect the fatty tissue but they can reduce swelling and discomfort.
The only way to get rid of the fat cells that cause lipoedema is a form of liposuction not available on the NHS and several ops may be needed.

It is important to see your doctor if you think you have lipoedema as without treatment it can go on to develop into lymphodema.

Dr Sarah Jarvis for My Weekly magazine.

HelenaDove Sun 29-Jan-17 01:15:14

Ive revived this thread as i have this condition. My gran had it too.

Tigulator Sun 12-Mar-17 10:44:38

Morning. I have Lipidema too. I was diagnosed a few years ago. After somewhat awkward treatment with compression stockings and partially coming to terms with the idea I'll never have slim legs, I've mostly been ignoring it. A great pilates teacher and a recent effort to lose weight, plus a dull ache in my left leg have made me read up on lipidema, hence finding your thread. Are either of you still on here? I'm interested but apprehensive about the Ketogenic diet idea. A largely pragmatic person, I see diet as a way to halt rather than cure my lipidema. Any one up for some light-hearted fatter natter about our ill-distributed lipids?

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