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aplastic anaemia

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Jw35 Tue 26-Jan-16 15:09:42

My sister has been diagnosed with aplastic anaemia and is having daily blood transfusions, she's going to have her immune system suppressed to see if her body can make new blood cells.

Does anybody have any experience with this condition? I've googled it but still not sure what's in store. She might need a bone marrow transplant, me and my brothers will e tested for a match. Will the transplant mean a full recovery?

backonthebikeagain Tue 26-Jan-16 16:47:24

My friends 4yo dd had this last year. She had a bone marrow transplant (her sister was a match) and touch wood has done really well.

It was tough though, chemo etc was needed the week before the transplant which meant she lost her hair.

Sometimes it can take more then one transplant but hopefully she will find a great match and will only need one. Make sure no one goes near her who is ill. Animals were also an issue for my friends little girl, they can carry a virus apparently so she wasnt allowed in our house with our dog or near cats etc.

I hope she gets a match and recovers quickly x

Jw35 Tue 26-Jan-16 17:35:28

Ooh thanks so much for the info! Nobody's going near her at the moment except her oh, she's in a private room in the hospital. Hopefully she will also make a full recovery

backonthebikeagain Tue 26-Jan-16 18:06:26

Its scary how common it is. She is defo in the best place. Fingers crossed for her. When she has the transplant she will be in isolation for a few weeks. Boredom will be tough, has she got a kindle, Ipad etc?

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