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Mammogram Recall

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sleepingbeauty23 Tue 26-Jan-16 09:58:59

Hi everyone,

So my mum who is 62 (nearly 63) went for her 2 yearly mammogram earlier this month. Just on a week later she has received a letter saying that she has to go back for further testing in a fortnight (only a week away now). All they told her when she rang to make her appointment was that this mammogram was different to her last mammogram. She hasn't felt a lump or anything and hasn't had any other symptoms or pain and this is her first recall after getting mammograms very 2 years since she was 50. She had the mammogram at the BreastScreen clinic at the hospital. I'm extremely worried for her as I'm very close to her and understand that she is getting older now and have a large fear of something happening to her and coping without her. She isn't too worried about going for her diagnostic mammogram and other tests at this stage, saying she will only be worried if they find something. I wish I had her attitude! We don't have a family history of breast cancer (she has 7 sisters), and from looking at other risk factors, she is a bit over weight, she finished menopause at age 56. She has had 2 children, though she was 35 when she had her first child and she breastfed her children for about 2 months each. She seems pretty healthy though other than high blood pressure which is controlled though medication and fairly bad arthritis in certain joints.
Seeing as we still have another week to wait, just hoping there are other people who can share stories of mammogram recalls or pieces of advice that can calm me down.

mumto2andnomore Tue 26-Jan-16 10:36:16

All I can say to reassure you really is that even if it is cancer it will have been caught early by the mammogram and that the treatments are really good these days. I found mine as a lump at 41 and wish I'd been of mammogram age as it would have been caught much earlier. Hopefully hers is not though, good luck to her

sleepingbeauty23 Wed 27-Jan-16 09:44:54

Thanks for your comment mumto2andnomore. It is very tough just waiting to find out! Fingers crossed that all turns out ok.
I'm assuming as she can't feel a lump that if it does turn out to be cancer that it will be an early stage cancer and highly treatable.

If anyone else has any advice or words of wisdom, I'd be more than happy to read them!

StayGold Wed 27-Jan-16 10:08:31

Hi sleepingbeauty23,

Must be very stressful for your mum and you sad

I didn't feel any lumps, am screened yearly as have a high family history of bc. I had two cancerous areas both a bit less than a centimetre in size, and was told I would never have felt them as so small. Cancers caught early are usually very treatable. Sometimes they see an area they are unsure of and need to rescan, she'll probably have an ultrasound as that picks up areas of interest much more clearly but maybe just another mammogram. Sometimes they will do an MRI.

Make sure she goes prepared, a book, magazines, a drink etc, as sometimes you have to wait before and in between if having a couple of different scans. Always nice to have someone to wait with you too smile

Hope all goes well for her x

whatevva Wed 27-Jan-16 20:32:47

The screening mammogram is done by taking 2 views, which is the minimum they can do to see the most. If they are not sure about anything, then they have to call you back for more specific mammograms, with ultrasound, and biopsy for a few etc. to see what it is.

I forget the statistics, but the vast majority of recalls are not cancer.

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