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Spots, smear, pain, help!

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randomthrowaway Mon 25-Jan-16 14:17:20

Namechanged and this is likely to be long, sorry!

For the last few weeks I've had spots on my vulva. A couple sore, in that way facial spots get when they're really swollen. I've been popping them (I know, I know) and they're like whiteheads - the smaller ones are white inside, the bigger juicier ones kind of yellow.

I've previously had whiteheads after using sanitary towels and as I finished my period a week ago and had used some sanitary towels, I put it down to this. However, I started to freak out so today went to the local GUM clinic. The nurse listened, took a long and said straight away they don't look at all herpetic. I had been shaving everything off but had stopped in case that was contributing to the irritation. She noted that the spots kind of follow the hair line. I was swabbed for everything so just need to wait for the results. The nurse speculated on bv.

While I was there I had a smear, which was overdue. It was very painful, on entry, and while the speculum was in there. Not unbearable but really painful. Some years ago I was investigated for PCOS (negative, apparently) and had an internal ultrasound which was also really painful. Sex is often uncomfortable.

The nurse noted I had what she likened to a graze on my cervix, which I assume to be cervical erosion? She said this will contribute to the pain and she also said I look 'thrushy', lol, which also won't help. She gave me a capsule to take for the thrush. Thing is, cervical erosion wouldn't explain pain on entry, would it?

Whilst googling pics of genital herpes and stuff over the last few days I came across a picture which looks like me and have self diagnosed a hymenal tag. I wonder if this could explain pain on entry?

Basically, I'm a bag of nerves as to why I have spots, what they are, whether they'll go away and what the pain is. Googling doesn't particularly associate spots with bv/thrush.

Any help super gratefully received.

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Mon 25-Jan-16 14:32:52

Probably Fordyce spots, I am suprised the nurse did not know what they were!

PollyPerky Mon 25-Jan-16 16:44:53

If you have pain then you ought to see your GP and have it investigated.

There could be various reasons from endometriosis, to vaginal dryness from low oestrogen levels from 40s onwards (even if you don't feel dry) or something like vestibulitis/ vulvodynia (good website for both of these.)

Ask for a referral to a gynae.

Erosions don't cause any pain but they can cause spotting after sex.

If you are able to have normal penetrative sex then it's unlikely to be anything connected with your hymen.

randomthrowaway Mon 25-Jan-16 18:11:35

Thanks both.

I have googled fordyce spots and they look very like what I have. However I'd say I also have some spots that are bigger/more cyst like, although given their location it could have been that they'd been irritated I suppose.

I will see the GP. When I had the ultrasound I mentioned how painful it was but was pretty much dismissed as they couldn't see a reason. I'm early 30s and am able to have penetrative sex although it's generally a bit uncomfortable.

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