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surgery for pelvic pain??

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val4 Sun 24-Jan-16 21:53:15

Just wondering has anyone been through successful abdominal surgery for pelvic pain. I have had 3 csections (last one for twins), emergency surgery for postpartum haemorrhage, appendix and ablation. Ultra sound shows cysts, fibroids and my gyne suspects adhesions. I have severe pelvic and back pain and am due to have surgery in 4 weeks time to try and help. Gyne is not sure if it will be key hole or full surgery and he is hoping to remove a large cyst and hopefully some adhesions. He also may repair a hernia(from twin pregnancy) but he is not promising that it will improve pain but I feel I have no choice. I am also on Warfarin for previous blood clots and p.e.
Has anyone have any experience of above procedure and has it helped you? What should I expect? Please help, as I am really nervous about under going surgery as have had bad experiences in past surgery. Thanks and sorry for long post!

val4 Mon 25-Jan-16 14:46:04

Anyone please????

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