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what is it?!!!

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sparkly72 Fri 22-Jan-16 20:51:26

Please look at this MINGING pic of my foot...and tell me what is going on and how I can treat it

LivingInMidnight Fri 22-Jan-16 20:55:11

Ouch that looks sore! Does it itch? I would probably try the canestan hydrocortisone on it to cover all bases, but with it being that sore I'm not sure. Ask at a pharmacy maybe?

TheMouseThatRoared Fri 22-Jan-16 20:58:10

Have your shoes been rubbing there? It does look very sore...sad

sparkly72 Fri 22-Jan-16 21:29:58

Not itchy... On sole but nothing rubbing... Sore because I've been picking at it...

LivingInMidnight Fri 22-Jan-16 21:58:48

Could it be eczema? Picking at dry skin it never a good idea but once you start it's hard to stop blush. I had really sore feet from it as a child and my gp gave me betnovate. You could try some cream with a high % of urea like flexitol but I'm a bit worried about how raw it looks.

LivingInMidnight Fri 22-Jan-16 21:59:42

Eucerin maybe?

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