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Levonelle/MAP - when is AF likely to show up?

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Teladi Fri 22-Jan-16 14:18:06

My last period started on 20 Dec, had a contraception failure on the 26th, just as my period was ending. On 27 Dec I took Levonelle (the morning-after pill) on direction of a pharmacist, within 12 hours of DTD. She told me I might have spotting and my period could be a few days late. On the 31 Dec (5 days after Levonelle, 11 days since start of last period) I started bleeding, which I was expecting after being warned of the spotting. It was a lot heavier than I was expecting, cramps, etc. It tailed off and ended on the 4th Jan.

I'm now on cycle day 34 and no sign of a period. Was the bleeding on the 31st an extremely early period? I've done two pregnancy tests and they were negative, however I am having sore boobs and vivid dreams (the first signs of my last pregnancy). It says on the leaflet you get with Levonelle that if AF is more than 5 days late to see a doctor - is this just to rule out pregnancy? It is not easy for me to get off work and I am feeling OK, should I just wait for it to show up? Has anyone had a similar experience? BTW if it does turn out I am pregnant, it is not a disaster, I would just prefer not to be, hence the back up option of Levonelle!

Thanks in advice for any advice and experience!

Minime85 Sat 23-Jan-16 07:48:35

Yes mine went all over the place. Had heavy bleeding like you said and then next period took ages to come but it did took a few months for cycle to settle back down again though. My boobs go like that before every period anyway.

Teladi Mon 25-Jan-16 19:43:33

Minime, thanks for your advice the other day. AF turned up today, so all's well that ends well! Thought I would update in case anyone else is searching on here for anecdotes, as I was.

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