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Cervical Polyp & Coil Strings Missing

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dippyeggy Wed 20-Jan-16 10:52:32

Just had a smear test done, the nurse said I have a polyp and also that my coil strings are not present.

The coil is due to come out, I have had it in for 6 years.

I have to go back for a more thorough examination with the nurse practitioner next week.

I'm a bit concerned, I haven't had any bleeding or pain. Could the coil be the cause of the polyp?


Idefix Wed 20-Jan-16 17:23:10

The polyp Will not have been caused by the coil.
A little surprised that you will need to see the nurse practitioner regarding the coil, we usually refer women for an ultrasound to confirm that is missing.
I hope they advised you regarding contraceptives (if you are not post menopausal) in the mean while.

dippyeggy Wed 20-Jan-16 17:56:39

I will be careful with regards to contraception.

Should I be worried about either issue? The nurse said I bled a little when she took the sample as well and I have been spotting since then.

The nurse just said the nurse practitioner could give me a more thorough examination.

Idefix Wed 20-Jan-16 19:15:18

The bleed you had is most likely a contact bleed, from the action of using the brush to collect the cells from the surface of the cervix. Although it may be bleeding from the polyp, it should stop fairly quickly.

Polyps are usually benign and if not causing any issues can be left alone.
Coils can and do fall out by themselves sometimes it isn't painful so often not noticed.

Jo's trust is a really good website.

Hope appt goes well.

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