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Could a d+v bug be doing the rounds in my house for a month?

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Squishyeyeballs Wed 20-Jan-16 09:11:50

Before Christmas, I had a bout of stomach cramps and diahrrea which I put down to a d+v bug. Toddler ds had diahrrea too and it passed in a few days so nothing to worry about. Then, just after Christmas, I had another few days of cramps after eating and a week later, a few days of abdominal cramps and wind. This week, I have had cramps on and off again and diahrrea this morning. Toddler ds had very soft stools yesterday.

Is it possible that a bug has been doing the rounds for a month? Dh says he has had a bit of an off tummy on and off too but he has a sensitive stomach anyway. I was in with my gp for something unrelated earlier in the week and he didn't seem concerned when I mentioned it to him.

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